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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (1)

Michael de Huntersville, NC

Original review: May 5, 2015

Bought dishwasher, fridge and built-in oven/microwave. Dishwasher was leaking after 10 days and had to be replaced. Fridge compressor makes various noises and sometimes very loud. The microwave does not pop the popcorn, even on the "Popcorn" setting. We applied for a KitchenAid discount to purchase selected products, but we did not receive the discount. Date of Purchase: December 23, 2014. KitchenAid Product Support has not been able to resolve any issues to date.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (2)

Rich from Sandusky, OHCertified appraiser

Original review: April 20, 2015

New KitchenAid mixer with 325 watt tilting head. The motor makes a horrible "growling" noise when running.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (3)

Diane aus Lachine, QCCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: April 14, 2015

On November 30th, 2014 I bought a Toronto based Kitchenaid Pro Cinnamon Blender. SHOPPING CHANNEL and I applied for a $50 VACATION REFUND OFFER on December 14, 2014 and to date 4 months later we have not received anything. I received an email reply that my customer reference number is 0. My order number is #**. The item number is 514085 GC1. Serial number is W44749566 and Proof of Purchase KP26M1XGC. My customer number on The Shopping Channel is **.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (4)

Jk aus Camarillo, CA

Original review: April 2, 2015

70's to today. The kitchen boy is by far the workhorse I was hoping for. From day one it was quieter, faster and easier to use than any blender before it. It never overheated, slowed down or failed in any way. Including great all-day uses for heavy bread doughs or Christmas fruitcakes. It was recently stolen during renovations. I was presented with a stainless steel DeLonghi blender. It's a lot slower and a lot louder. I will replace it with another Kitchenaid.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (5)

Scheline de Mason, MICertified appraiser

Original review: March 2, 2015

Sam's Club had KitchenAid mixers for sale and you could also get a discount through KitchenAid. Great deal except good luck getting the discount. I sent a copy of the receipt and the original of the box's UPC symbol. Then I got a postcard saying they didn't receive the symbol of the original packaging. What a hit. Very upset that a company like KitchenAid would rip people off. After searching here, I'm not the only one this has happened to. So sad. I still have the receipt and the book with the serial number, make and model. Shame on you KitchenAid.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (6)

Maria de Augusta, KyCertified appraiser

Original review: February 25, 2015

Meine erste KitchenAid-Küchenmaschine hat über 30 Jahre gehalten! Ich habe im Dezember 2013 ein Professional-Modell gekauft. Ich habe auch meine Rabattbestellung zurückbekommen. Ich habe den Rabatt nicht erhalten. Der Mixer mahlte, aber der Repräsentant sagte, es sei in Ordnung. Es mischte sich überhaupt nicht gut und mit nur 2 Jahren mischt es sich nicht mehr.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (7)

Karen deLenexa, KSCertified appraiser

Original review: February 19, 2015

I would like to reply to others with the same problems. Buy from Costco - hired them to solve the discount problem. Assume. It also has black glaze. I washed the bowl 6 times and rubbed it with salt and acid 4 times and it was still black.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (8)

Yvonne-Clare de Blairgowrie, other

Original review: February 15, 2015

This is simply to represent my experience with my KitchenAid stand mixer. I bought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas so I gave my daughter my old trusty Kenwood stand mixer. Excited to use my new stand mixer, I prepared the ingredients for my first banana cake. Enter problem number 1. The buttons for releasing the mixing head so it can tilt and the speed control button have sharp edges on the inside surfaces of the ends, making these buttons slightly painful to press. This design flaw can easily be remedied with a bullnose finish. The second problem is that the controls are positioned on either side of the mixer, which means you have to align the mixer for each task, i. H. open the tilt mechanism and then rotate the blender 180 degrees to see the speed dial visible.

This is a ridiculous design flaw given the next problem, which is the ingredients being agitated during the mixing process to the point where they stick to the sides of the deep bowl and consequently don't mix. Attempting to insert a spatula is very difficult without opening the blender, meaning you have to spin the machine again. Even doing this leaves little room for the spatula to easily pull the ingredients back to the bottom of the bowl. I also found that ingredients like butter did not mix with the rotating wand and were left as whole ingredients.

Also the process of changing the mixing stick is bad. The system is spring loaded and requires force compared to a locking pin. This process is fine if you carry the spinning wand clean, but if the wand has mixture in it, the wand removal process will be messy and you'll have your hands covered in ingredients. I had to repeat this several times to allow a spatula to scrape the ingredients off the sides of the bowl. Plus, the KitchenAid name banner is unconventional and a fantastic place to house airborne ingredients like flour and sugar, providing a breeding ground for bacteria.

What was KitchenAid thinking with this design? Certainly his mark could have been incorporated into the shape of the main structure of the house. With the open dump mechanism, there is no slowing down of the process as it is a very heavy piece of equipment. This means the angled arm opening can exert great force at high speed and be a terrible resource for pinching injuries, which isn't good if you have small children participating in cooking with you. Overall the aesthetic qualities of the machine are great, but the design issue I raised makes this a very poor choice of blender ergonomically. I'd rather use my old Kenwood which didn't have any of these problems, a loyal friend and a sure friend.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (9)

Barbara von Bearsden., OtherCertified appraiser

Original review: February 6, 2015

I had problems with our Artisan blender when we first used it. We called Kitchenaid who checked we had registered the unit and said they would send a replacement part. No problems, excellent service.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (10)

Sherry from Hamburg, PACertified appraiser

Original review: February 5, 2015

I got a food processor for Christmas. My husband bought a floor model because they were out of stock and in the color I ordered. I immediately contacted KitchenAid to register my appliances (blender and toaster). I specifically asked the customer service rep about the discount and the fact that it doesn't come in a box. He told me to take a picture of the underside of the blender showing all the serial numbers etc and sent her my rebate form explaining that it is a floor standing model and that there are NO PROBLEMS processing the rebate would. NOT CORRECT!!! Now I was told by the discount center "they can't do anything because I don't have the UPC box". That sucks! I would have taken the blender back to the store when stocks replenished to buy one in a box to claim my discount.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (11)

Terry de Boone, NCCertified appraiser

Original review: January 29, 2015

I bought my wife a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas and it came in the mail with a $50 discount. I submitted the discount according to the "Offer Terms" on the discount form. I received a letter in January that they had declined the discount because the package's upc had not been sent. I called the number on the letter and spoke to what they called a customer service representative. UPC proof of purchase (required by rebate form) for rebate letter. She said she also needs the serial number which I told her was in the blocks on the discount form. She said she wanted a UPC with the serial number. I told her I didn't ask for it on the rebate form because I made a copy of everything I submitted. She simply asked for the UPC proof of purchase and it was sent as per the terms of the offer. She told me I wouldn't get the $50 discount and hung up.

I have sent you additional information (copy) including the serial number and model number from the package attached to the registration and sent to Whirlpool Corporation. I contacted Whirlpool and they gave me a ride and said I had to go back to the discount center. They acknowledged receipt of the warranty registration and thanked me for purchasing the blender. I filed a complaint with the BBB stating that I believe Whirlpool and KitchenAid never intended to pay the rebate and that they are using misleading advertising against the consumer. I'm trying to file a complaint with federal and state agencies to see if they will get Whirlpool and KitchenAid to stop using mail-in discounts and allow them to only use instant discounts at points of sale. This complaint must be posted on the BBB website for all consumers.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (12)

Michelle from the Port of Lanoka, New Jersey

Original review: January 24, 2015

Kitchenaid Mixer ARTISAN Silver Model - I got the mixer of my dreams for Christmas! Well finally I can use it to bake cookies this morning. So I use the included metal bowl with handle. It mixed so quickly and thoroughly but when I scraped the batter off the sides it was black on the other side because of the metal in the bowl!!!! Has anyone else had this problem??? I washed the bowl before using it. WHAT? Now I'm afraid to use it and all my dough is ruined. Help!

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (13)

Edyta de Little Rock, ARCertified appraiser

Original review: January 15, 2015

I want to speak to someone who can help me redeem my discount. Here's some history for you. I bought the blender on Black Friday 2013. I sent you my discount form and receipt and it was returned because I provided a copy of the UPC code. I called KitchenAid and spoke to a rep and she told me it had to be the original UPC code on the box in case I cut everything out. Then I sent you all the information back. I sent everything out of the box twice. I received a letter from you when I was 3 months away that you need me to cut the UPC code on the box. I called you again and told you that I had just received the letter because I was away and I can send it now. I was told it was late but to send it in so they can work with me on my issue.

Today 01/15/2015 I called and was told the case is closed and there is no way I can get my discount. I've talked to several people about this and no one is willing to help me. Sophia was very brusque on the phone and not at all willing to help. So I spoke to Barbara who was sympathetic but said there is nobody at KitchenAid who could help me. She noticed and understood my frustration, but reiterated that since the case is closed, KitchenAid will not honor the discount.

I am very disappointed not to receive my KitchenAid discount. I understand and accept the fact that I did not originally send the UPC code. But when I called and declined it, I followed the instructions of their customer service representative who advised I had to write it down and mail it. At this point I assumed I was done and the discount was in the mail. I went for 3 months and was surprised when I came back that the discount wasn't in the mail. I regret that the representative gave me inaccurate information for the second filing and therefore I never thought I would have to submit the information a third time. The third delivery I was late because I was away, but when I came back I called and sent it to you straight away. This company makes it so hard to get your discount. They say they make a great product but have the worst customer service.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (14)

Paul de Great Hals, New YorkCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: January 14, 2015

I bought an Artisan 5Qt blender. It was totally dead once. They replaced it with a refurbished one. A few months later, out of warranty, this one was totally dead again. I will never trust this "expensive" junk brand again.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (15)

Sally von Drummoyne, andereCertified appraiser

Original review: January 7, 2015

Brand new Kitchenaid hand mixer, sparks when switched on. Contact the warranty and be told this is normal. It just needs a little hard work to stop the spark. After I putty as recommended, the device would not turn on. Contact the warranty again. I was told the fuse had blown and this is the user's fault and not covered by the warranty.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (16)

Zinnoberrote Garrison, KSCertified appraiser

Original review: January 6, 2015

I have a 7 year old KitchenAid stand mixer, model: K4SSWH which has now been discontinued from the KitchenAid line. My grandmother bought this stand mixer in December 2008 and has wanted one for many years as she enjoys cooking regularly and also works as a cook at the local nursing home. This was a cheaper model from the KitchenAid website and only came with the flat beater so she had to use a different stand mixer to make pie meringues.

In December 2011 I bought my grandmother the hand mixer whisk so that she would have a hand mixer for egg whites. However, on December 13, she passed away. My grandfather had to open the present for her and said she loved it. After Christmas I took the blender home and have been using it ever since. I've made cookies and cakes and have since bought the dough hook for him. He turned seven and my family loves it. I use it about 3-4 times a week and haven't had any problems with it!

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (17)

Elisabeth von Racine, WICertified appraiser

Original review: December 28, 2014

My husband and I were delighted to receive my parents' blender for Christmas. My husband was making homemade cheesecake when we found metal shavings all over the blender. We then placed the blender with a piece of colored paper underneath and found several more large pieces of metal sticking out of the machine. We will be contacting Kitchenaid regarding this as we have had several cheesecakes from this machine. Please take care and check for metal shavings with your Kitchen Aid mixer.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (18)

Janet de Owings Mills, MDCertified appraiser

Original review: December 26, 2014

I brought my Kitchenaid stand mixer for repairs which is just over a year old and when I went to pick it up the machine had a lot of deep scratches on the body. When I complained the "technician" gave me a stupid look and said he could fix it. She painted over the scratches with device paint, leaving smudges of paint on the surface. When I asked about the missing bowl screw, she didn't even know which part I meant. I had to show her what it was on another mixer they had there. Since she didn't ask for the part either, she took it from another machine and put it in mine. I called twice to complain that the machine was leaking grease and oil and they offered to fix it. But after my first bad experience with it, I don't want to risk it. My machine was in perfect condition and now it looks terrible. I've used the machine less than 50 times since I bought it and I think they should get me a new machine. I do not recommend this store to anyone.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (19)

Larry from Finland, MN

Original review: December 24, 2014

Smoke came out of the blender, stopped, checked. There is an in-line fuse in the wire going to the motor brushes. The fuse must be crimped. DO NOT solder the fuse - it will blow the fuse and it will not work. I bought my fuse from Ebay.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (20)

Paula de Huntington, INCertified appraiser

Original review: December 16, 2014

My sister gave me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer at least 5 years ago. It wasn't new, but it worked fine, and it included the wire whip, dough hook, and paddle (sorry I don't really know the name of that last thing). I like to bake with it - mainly because of the easy preparation of dough and hard dough. It is a heavy and solid device. From time to time, a few lemons can pass through a batch of quality items.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (21)

Gail from Temecula, CaliforniaCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: December 15, 2014

For most of my adult life I have owned a 4 Quarter Artisan floor standing model. He was 30 years old and my workhorse on vacation. I opted for the slightly larger 5 Quart (via Williams-Sonoma) as I wanted the motor to be a bit larger and I figured it would handle the double batter batches more easily. I've only used it 3 times for cake mixes since receiving it last Christmas day but yesterday days before Christmas 2014 I found it can't even handle batter batches. The torque required to pass ONE CUP BUTTER was too high, causing the motor to feel "worked out" and the head rocking so violently that you could see the locking mechanism jump out of position, causing the the head tilted and flew up. ! I'm so desperate since I gave away my old machine and am burdened with this expensive junk.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (22)

Rynnetta de North Fort Myers, FL

Original review: December 2, 2014

Kitchen Aid Craftsman Mix Master - I've used it a few times, I used it today and the top fell off, I tried to fix it but I can't use it. I would not recommend the KitchenAid master mix.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (23)

Joseph-of-Falls-Kirche, VACertified appraiser

Original review: November 30, 2014

I make a product every year as a thank you to my customers. It requires a heavy load on a blender so I bought a 600 Professional because it was supposed to be the best. I bought the first one in 2010. I only use it once a year and the first one lasted 3 years. The gears were torn off because the plastic housing of the gear broke. So I bought a new one in 2013, thinking I was done with the machine overload and would take care of it. Also, I made sure that the model I bought had a die-cast aluminum body so it wouldn't crack. I managed to finish my production last year.

Unfortunately, during my production this year, the mixer stopped turning with a terrible crunching noise. I took it apart and the grease was full of metal shavings. I had to brave the onset of Black Friday to get to Sears, where I bought a Kenmore stand mixer for about £150 less than another KitchenAid would have cost me. (By the way, when you hear that the shells and accessories are interchangeable, don't believe it. They're a slightly different size and aren't really interchangeable.)

I finished my production this year purring the Kenmore with no apparent complaints. I checked this page to decide if I should fix KitchenAid to have as a backup for next year. I can't express enough how disappointed I am with these machines. Taking out the gears with 2 boxes of nut butter cake mix is ​​awful! Although the machine's body could withstand a nuclear blast, the gearing just isn't built right and will chew itself up. The grease was absolutely full of metal filings. I can't say it enough, DO NOT BUY THESE MIXERS. You will be very disappointed. (I mean, it should be powerful, labeled "professional" and marketed to people who need a high-performance blender.) Maybe I should buy the 2K and get a Hobart.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (24)

Scott de Greenville, SC

Original review: November 25, 2014

I've had this blender for about 10 years and it's probably been used less than 10 times over the years. I've recently started baking and making homemade bread. The engine died. The blender is only good for light tasks, not like they advertise. I am now ordering a Bosch food processor. The Bosch machine is easier to use and, more importantly, it's 800 watts versus the Artisan's 325 watts. A family member bought the Bosch machine about 7 years ago and loves it. Hello Bosch... goodbye to Kitchen Aid. The kitchen help goes in the trash. At least I'll have a nice stainless steel bowl to keep.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (25)

Emma from Boulder Creek..., CA

Original review: October 24, 2014

I didn't expect them to replace the entire stand mixer (I kinda did) but I didn't when I called KitchenAid about the stand mixer my mom bought me to tell them the oil was running out of my head licked (while trying to make pastry dough) that they would tell me this: that the $395 blender I own only has a one-year warranty and that I would have to ship it to Iowa for $42 just to " to find out" what a horror I would even tackle repairs (service and parts). "What if I found out it cost me the price of a new blender?" I asked. No Answer.

So wait, should I buy another $395 blender in another new color? Or maybe suck KitchenAid screw. Am I going to buy a company that has a better guarantee that matches the price of the products being sold? I have a Vitamix blender and it comes with at least a 7 year warranty and on top of that most people said its lasted for years. All I can find on YouTube are videos on how to repair your KitchenAid stand mixer for the lowest possible cost. At this price, do my husband's tools come with a lifetime warranty? Are we women screwing up again???

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (26)

Rick de Bettendorf, IACertified appraiser

Original review: October 11, 2014

I bought my KitchenAid Pro-6 Professional stand mixer thinking it would be top notch, but I had to buy the drive gear sets and electrical control board for it a few times. The part is made of a material that is incompatible with the steel drive gears that continue to bite into it. Can someone give me a solution to my problem? Many Thanks.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (27)

Angelo from Brampton, OntarioCertified appraiser

Original review: October 10, 2014

Very disappointed in my stand mixer, only 18 months old and the bevel gear knocked out two teeth when mixing pizza dough. This is a 600 machine with delicate parts. It will take a long time to convince me to buy another KitchenAid product. Overall, this was a poorly made machine.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (28)

Christine from London, ONCertified appraiser

Original review: September 13, 2014

I decided to google the issue I am having with my Artisan stand mixer and was surprised to see how many consumers have had the same issue for years and KitchenAid has done nothing to fix this issue. I bought my machine from Costco for over $400 in the 90's and was thrilled to own such a machine. I've been using it for about 5 years with no problems when I noticed it was dripping oil on my food and some splattering on the counter. I didn't use it anymore and now it's in my basement. I am very disappointed that such an expensive machine did not live up to its reputation. I'm still determined to find a way to fix this issue before I decide to just scrap it. It shouldn't matter how often someone uses their blender; no oil should escape.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (29)

Natasha de Reidsville, GACertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: September 8, 2014

I ordered a stand mixer on the KitchenAid website on 08/06/2014. I received a confirmation email right away, but didn't receive any notification that my order was processed or shipped for the next week. I sent a message through their website asking about the status of my order. After a few days I received no response and called customer service.

On 08/15/14 I spoke to a nice gentleman from customer service. He said a computer error prevented the orders from going into shipping status. They thought they fixed the crash but apparently some orders were still affected. He informed me that I could expect it in 8-10 business days. If I don't get it in 1-2 weeks I'll have to call back.

Almost 2 weeks later on 8/28/14 I still hadn't received my order. I called again and spoke to a rather rude woman. This time I was given the excuse that they were overwhelmed with orders and would come to me as soon as possible. I explained that I have been waiting for my order for over 3 weeks and would like to know when I can expect it this time. She told me it usually takes 8-10 business days. That's great, but I just said I've waited over 3 weeks. Last time I called I was told it could wait in 8-10 business days. She was really pissed off and said no one had ever said that to me. I told her again that I would like a time frame in which they would ship my order. I was told they didn't know and they would send it to me as soon as they had my order. Just to make sure I got it I said "Can it ship today or in 1-2 months?" Again I got the message how they would ship it when they got hold of it. I told her I couldn't wait any longer and just wanted my money back. I was then informed that my order had already been processed and was awaiting shipment, so a refund was not possible.

In an attempt to get answers from someone, I posted my concerns on their Facebook page on 8/28/14. On 08/29/14 I received a response and was told to send an email. I sent the email the same day and as of 03/09/14 I haven't received a reply. I posted again on their facebook page and got some replies as to how they will contact me soon. On 9/4/14 I filed a complaint with the BBB and am awaiting their response.

These people have my money, my product, they don't know when it will be shipped and they refuse to refund my money. I've been waiting for almost 5 weeks and gotten nowhere with them! As far as I'm concerned, I have to ship my order overnight with a gift card! This is the most ridiculous and ignorant company I have ever dealt with! Don't buy anything from them unless you have nothing better to do than wait.

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Top 434 KitchenAid Mixer Reviews (30)

Sulamite aus Camas, WACertified appraiser

Original review: August 25, 2014

I ordered a blender in December 2013. There was a Christmas sale with a $50 discount. However, when our blender arrived there was no way to mail a discount. We called several times and nothing was done about it.

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