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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)




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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    INTRODUCTION The KitchenAid Model K-45 and K5A mixers are well designed and carefully constructed appliances. They are normally used year after year without maintenance. Careful records were kept over a period of years to identify any problems that might arise. Efforts have been made in preparing this guide to cover all possible issues. Replacement parts and authorized service are available from your nearest Hobart dealer. Consult the Yellow Pages of the local telephone book under the heading 'Restaurant Equipment'.

    Why just a bat?

    Long ago, KitchenAid engineers discovered that the secret to really efficient mixing was moving a single whisk clockwise around the bowl while turning it counterclockwise. We appropriately call this planetary action. The same action is used in commercial bread mixers. It guarantees a faster and more thorough mix of ingredients and perfect results with fast whitening. And only KitchenAid does.

    Planetare Aktion

    The diagram above shows the total bowl coverage created by the beater path when completing a full rotation cycle. That's how KitchenA id achieves the most uniform mixing process without overturning the bowl.

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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)





    1 Disassembly of the gearbox housing and planetary assembly 2 Disassembly of the motor and control unit

    .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5. . .... . . ... . . 7

    3 Motor and Control Unit Repairs 4 Gearbox and Planetary Gearset Repairs 5 Model K-45 Socket Repairs ..6 Control Unit Adjustment . πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· ..7 Model K-5A Bowl Lift Assembly Repairs .. . πŸ‡§πŸ‡· .8 Service Issues . πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡· πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    RACKETThe racket must rest freely on the shaft of the racket

    is on the planet. Power is transmitted from the engine to the center wheel and bevel gear through the helical gear. The sun gear and bevel gear assembly meshes with the beater pinion located on the planetary gear set to rotate the beater shaft. The attachment hub bevel gear also meshes with the center gear and bevel gear assembly to transmit power when using different attachments.

    LUBRICATION Under normal operating conditions, the mixer

    do not need to be lubricated for many years. The gearbox is packed with an ample supply of special grease which lubricates all gears and shafts. Rear engine mount and shock absorber shaft are oil-free type. For added safety, the impact shaft bearing is filled with oil from a saturated wick


    reservoir and rear engine mount with a felt washer. The front engine mount is a ball bearing.

    When a mixer is subjected to abnormal or heavy use, it is advisable to check the correct amount of lubrication of the planetary gear and its internal gear. To remove the planetary gear, first remove the drip tray. Remove the slotted pin at the end of the center shaft and remove the complete planetary gear using two screwdrivers, one on each side.

    Check that the planetary beater shaft rotates freely. Put a few drops of light or medium oil on the impact shaft and wipe off the excess. Wipe about a teaspoon of medium weight grease onto the inside of the inner teeth of the planetary gear. Make sure the fat fills the teeth with some excess on the top edge. Reinstall the planetary in the previously removed mixtures.

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)



    A. The KitchenAid K45 and K5-A stand mixers share the same motors and controls and the gears in the gearbox are the same, with one exception. The parts of the planet are all the same. Transmission and engine instructions are in one section for both machines and differences are noted. The K5-A model has a completely different bowl and bowl lift. The K5-A model raises and lowers the bowl and the K45 model lifts the entire head. The K5-A bowl, column, base and bowl lifter are discussed separately in Section 7.B. Before attempting to repair the K45 and K5-AKitchenAid blenders, a power test should be performed. To perform the test, connect the wattmeter to the correct voltage. Connect the mixer cable to the wattmeter. Turn on the power and turn on the blender. If the display shows 105 to 135 watts from 1st to high speed, the blender is OK. If the reading is 175 to 400 watts, there is a problem. To find the problem, inspect each engine part as it is removed. Use an ohmmeter to check individual parts.

    g1C. To remove the planetary gear, remove the drip tray Q('Fig.1. The drip tray fits perfectly into the lower cover of the gearbox Q.1') and it must be detached from the cover by hitting the pin i>\t . Use a screwdriver on the top edge of the drip cup and lightly tap the screwdriver to remove the drip cup. ,!\.D. Remove the slotted pin (Y1,) holding the flat plate on the vertical center axis (,Y-3). With the pin extended, the planetary gear can be lifted off the base shaft with a rag and, using two screwdrivers, lift the planetary gear down and off the shaft.

    E. Remove #6-32 x 3/8" Button Head Screw (from end cap) (unscrew and remove the two #6-32 x3/16" Button Heads (r) holding tape (5) on transmission Box e m to Right Box (1) With screws removed, remove decorative strip .

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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    G. To remove bottom cover (24) from gearbox and motor housing, loosen and remove five special screws (28). These bolts secure the sprocket (27) to the gearbox. Loosen and remove the four :11:10-24 x 1" pan head screws (52) from the bottom cover. Using a screwdriver, lift the cover off each side of the motor case.

    H. Remove bevel gear from mounting hub (14). This gear can be removed by simply pulling it out of the mounting hub. This will remove the worm on the motor shaft. Due to the low speed of this gear, there should be no shaft sticking problems and it should be easy to remove. Clean the gearbox. Remove as much fat as possible. Gearbox housing ~ thoroughly cleaned ~ engine removed. \ J~ ~ 0 1 } ( . . ~ ~ ~ fi{ft'l



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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    A. Begin disassembly of the control unit by removing the gear case cover baffle (14 , Fig. 2). Loosen three wire plugs (5 7) and disconnect all wires. Loosen the two locknuts (59) and loosen the two set screws (62). Release control plate spring (3 ) and let it rest on switch holder and eccentric disc (I 0). The control board can now be removed along with the capacitor (41).

    B. The resistor (53) is mounted on top of the motor. The red wires are on the right and the yellow wires are on the left. To remove the Resistor, remove the two Screws (56) and remove the Resistor. The washers (55) remain on the resistance.

    C. Using two screwdrivers, remove regulator assembly (58). Remove and discard governor drive screw (26) to avoid losing it.

    D. Remove switch (7), switch holder and cam plate (I0) and switch lever (4). To remove the switch assembly, disconnect the yellow and green wires. Remove the two screws (8) and spring washers (9). Remove the pivot screw (I) and tighten it (2). Slide the switch control link (5) off the pin at the end of the switch lever (4) and remove the switch pointer from its individual parts.


    E. The speed control connection (13) can now be removed by pulling on the back of the housing. Before removing, remove flat spring (15) then pull shift rod.

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    F. Loosen and remove two #10-2 nuts 4 (37), then remove bearing retainer (34) and flapper (30). Also remove springs (39) and washers (38). Keep these springs and washers with the deflector and bearing retainer.

    G. Unscrew the two brush holder caps (50) and remove the brushes and springs (4 5). On the back, mark the left and right brushes and the top of the brush as it was removed from the engine.

    H. The anchor (14) can now be removed. Pull the armature back through the stator.

    I. Remove cord and plug. Disconnect wire connector (57) from white wire and white stator wire. Disconnect the black power cable and black cable from the bracket.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    j. Using needle nose pliers, disconnect the wire clip from the right brush holder. Remove the two #10-2 nuts 4 (4 2) and pull the valve or (48 ). To remove the stator, insert both into the motor housing and grasp the stator at the back of the housing and pull forward.

    K. To remove brush holders (46), the two stator screws (16) and spacers (17) must be unscrewed and removed. Underneath the stator screws are the #1 0-24x I/4" Round Head Screws (43). Using a small screwdriver, loosen the Set Screws (43) a few turns and pull out the Brush Holders.

    L. Wash gearbox with a good solvent and dry with a clean, dry cloth. Clean the motor housing with a cloth dampened with solvent and dry with a clean cloth.


    A. Clean the brush holders (46, Fig. 2) with solvent and dry with a clean, dry cloth. Place the brush holders in the housing so that the brushes are straight on the commutator. Push the 5/32” brush holders out of the compartment, then lock them in place with the #10-24 Cavity Tip Adjustment Screws (43). green wire to the left h and bracket .


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    B. Test the stator (18) with an ohmmeter. Set the ohmmeter to the 1X scale and set it to "0". On the top coil, connect one end of the ohmmeter to the red wire and the other end to the black wire on the top coil. If the ohmmeter reads low resistance, the coil is good. Check the other coil in the same way. If the needle ohmmeter deflects to zero or if there is no deflection, the coil is defective and the stator needs to be replaced.

    C. Place the two spacers (17) on the stator bolts (16). With the stator wire to the rear, place the stator onto the two screws (16) and onto the housing ribs. Slide them back as far as possible, then install a #10-32 Nut (42) onto each Screw (16). Tighten both nuts.

    D. Check Cable and Connector (63). If it dries up and cracks, replace it. Strip the wires 6" from the end of the wire and place a black insulator on each wire. Slide the wires from the bottom of the box up past the stator coil. Bring the black wire out of the wire with the black wire from the stator Lock it with the wire connector (57) Connect the white wire Connect the wire to the white wire on the stator and connect it to the wire connector (57) Connect these wires between the stator and the frame See diagram wiring, fig. 3.

    E. Check switch (7) with an ohmmeter. Connect the ohmmeter wires to the switch's green and yellow wires. Set the ohmmeter at 1 Xrange. Turn the pressure switch on and off several times for a good test. If the needle deflects every time the switch is turned on, it is in good condition and can still be used.

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  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    F. Place speed control link (13) with bent end facing top of case. Place the switch bracket and eccentric plate (1 0) in the housing and tighten the two screws (8) with spring washers (9). Push shift rod (13) onto pin at end of shift lever (4). Place the shift linkage on the pin near the shift knob. Place spring (15) under control link (13) with spring ends facing up and against gearbox hubs. This spring provides pressure to hold the control rod (13) in the shift lever (4).

    G. Check the armature with a buzz or take it to an electric motor repair shop and have it tested. If it is not in good condition, replace it with a new one. If your old car has a thrust ball bearing and it's still good, use a gear puller to pull it off the shaft. Slide the washer on the commutator end of the new armature. Place the ball holder on the shaft with the open side facing the end of the shaft. Sea chest with mango and hammer. Place the other washer on the open side of the bearing. If the old arm is equipped with a thrust bearing, the complete bearing assembly (2 0 , 21, 22, 23) must be replaced if necessary.




    Adjust this screw to 175 to 180 RPM of P13netaryon :-- the .6 speed according to no . 1 set lxc n.

    ABB. 3

    Connects to bottom wire


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    H. Check fan. Straighten the blades if they are bent. Move your (27), (2 8), (29) from the old connection to the fan end of the new one. Lubricate worm and shaft and install armature in housing.

    I. Place springs (39) on stator bolts (16). Place the washers (38) on the screw (1 6 ) next to the springs . Place baffle (30) on studs and slide back onto housing ribs.

    J. Check bearing (3 3, fig 2) in bearing bracket (34). To replace the bearing, remove the four #4-40 x 1 8" Button Head Screws (32) and lift them off the Bearing Retainer (31). Remove the old bearing. Insert the new bearing into the groove, using the square notch in the upper part of the support Place the retainer (31) in the bearings so that the tongue fits in the square notch and screw the four screws (32) felt washer (35) into the bearing cap (36) with it soak oil .

    K. Install bearing retainer (34). Thread the red and green wires through the tunnel at the top of the bracket. Place the bracket on the two stator screws (16). Push the bracket back until it is stopped by the speed control linkage (13). Push the link down to release the bracket, then slide it back until the stator bolts clear the bracket. Place the two nuts (37) on the stator bolts and turn them until the bearing bracket is seated.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    L. cnecK anker ror ena play. When we need to ensure that the assembly is properly seated and that there is the correct number of shims on the rear, there should be only appreciable axial clearance to ensure free operation of the armature. If there is too much axial play, remove it by adding a thin washer like (29). πŸ‡§πŸ‡· To do this, remove the bearing block (34) and place the washer on the armature shaft, then replace the bearing block.

    M. If old brushes are longer than 5/16 inches, insert them into brush holders. Insert the brush marked "right" into the right brush holder on the back of the unit, making sure the side marked "up" is facing up. Push the brush in and lock it with the brush holder screw cap (50). Place the left brush in the mixer in the same way.

    N. Check resistance (53). Test with an ohmmeter. Set the ohmmeter to the 1X range and adjust to zero. Connect the ohmmeter leads to the red and yellow resistance leads. If the resistance is OK, it will show 180 ohms. Disconnect one wire from the ohmmeter and connect it to the top black wire on the resistor. If the resistance is OK, 90 ohms will be displayed. If the needle does not deflect, the resistor is faulty and needs to be replaced.

    0. To replace the resistor. Place the washers (55) into the screw holes in the resistor. Insert the two Screws (56) into the screw holes. Hold the heater on the bearing bracket and tighten the two screws (56). These screws should be tight, but not tight enough to break the porcelain.


    P. If governor spring is rusted, replace governor assembly (58). Place the governor drive screw (26) on the armature shaft. With drive pin on top of shaft, place regulator on shaft with key facing up. Slide the adjuster onto the shaft until it stops. CAUTION: Do not hit the ball as this will cause damage.

    Q. Install a new capacitor (41) in the unit. Put it on resistance back and forth as far as you can. Make sure the red wire is on the right when viewed from the rear of the mixer.

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    A. Place a new control plate (61, Fig. 2) in the bearing bracket (34) with the cap screws (62) facing up. Thread screws until about 3/8" of screw remains. Thread both screws evenly so that the other control board P.nd is exactly in the bearing bracket extensions.

    S. Using needle nose pliers, hook the control board spring into the hook on the bottom of the control board.

    T. Gather the four red wires side by side and twist them into a Wire Connector (57). Join the yellow wires and connect them also to the connector (57). Connect the two black wires, one from the resistor and the other from the control unit, and block them with the connector ( 40). Use a Connector (40) to connect the two green wires. NOTE: Leave the control unit. It is now ready for the weather, but better work can be done when the mixer is fully assembled.

    SECTION 4 GEARBOX AND PLANETARY REPAIRSa. Examine the brass bearings on the mounting hub and gearbox roof. These bearings are cast into the housing. In case of severe wear, the entire casing must be replaced. However, in these bearings, the shafts rotate slowly and the bearings have a long service life.

    B. Examine the bevel gear (14, Fig. 1) of the mounting hub (tooth 23). If it shows wear on the teeth, it must be replaced. To replace the bevel gear, coat the shaft with a good film of oil on the hub bearing from inside the gearbox. It doesn't have a washer, so push it in as far as you can.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    C. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the three 4t 10 -2 4 x7 /16" Phillips head screws and lock assemblies (10) and lift off the worm wheel bracket and bearing and pin assembly (9) .

    D. With a twisting motion, remove center gear (62T), bevel gear (19T) (15) and vertical center shaft (13) as an assembly. It is not necessary to remove the "0" ring (59), especially if it is wet with oil and a rotary motion is used.

    E. Check lower center bearing for wear. Also check the shaft (13) where it runs in the bearing. This is an oil-free bearing and must be in good condition. If worn, the lower gear case cover needs to be replaced as the bearing is an integral part.

    F. If the mounting hub bevel gear (14) has been replaced, the center gear bevel gear and bevel gear assembly (15) must also be replaced. To replace this assembly, remove grooved pin (16) and pull gear assembly off shaft (13).

    G. Place new gear assembly (15) on shaft with bevel pinion (19T) facing top of shaft. Insert slotted pin (16) into bevel gear (holes line up) and place flush on one side. Place the same washer (17) or (18) on the shaft next to the idler gear (62T).

    H. Lubricate shaft and "0" ring (5 9). Start with the shaft β€œ0” ring down through the lower center bearing and press down with a twisting motion to avoid damaging the β€œ0” ring. Push it down until the washer (17) or (18) touches the bearing (19).


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    I. Check worm wheel (23T) (7 ) and shaft and pinion (11T) (11 ). To change these two gears, remove the slotted pin (1 2). Note the position of the fiber washers (6) and (8). They are installed in the same way on new gears. Remove the shaft and pinion (11). NOTE: The shaft and pinion (11) have 11 teeth on the K45 mixer. This part of the KS-A model has 10 teeth.

    J. Start new shaft (11T) and pinion (11) on bottom of bracket. Before the shaft comes out of the lower bearing, place the washer (8) on the bearing and place the shaft on the washer. Hold a new worm gear (7) next to it and press the shaft into the gear. Before the shaft came out of the gear, it was inserted (6) and the shaft was pushed through the washer and into the upper bearing. Align the pin holes and insert the pin ( 12 ).

    K. Place helical gear and bearing carrier assembly on lower gearcase cover (21) so that two pins engage base of bearing carrier. Place the three rear panel lock screws (10) in the holes and screw them into the bottom cover. Make sure these screws are tight. L. Check latch, linkage and lever assembly (5 2). There shouldn't be any issues with wear and tear as it's assembled that way.

    M. Use Shell Darina #2 lubricant when filling gearbox. It is available from your nearest authorized Hobart dealer. Try to keep the bearing open on the gearbox roof, this will help when assembling the bottom cover and gearbox.

    N. Clean the gearbox sealing surface. Apply a thin layer of Perm ate x #2 to the surface. Apply another layer to the surface of the bottom lid of the egg crate. Place the gasket (20) in the bottom cover over the pin and press down to hold it in place.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    0. Install gearbox cover deflector (1 4 , Fig. 2) under switch (7) at switch end of engine case. Put some grease on the deflector to keep it in place.


    P. Hold bottom cover (21, Fig. I) in position over gearbox and motor housing (I ) and begin to fit the two gaskets together. Start shaft (13) in upper bearing and slowly slide parts together. When the pieces begin to fit together, insert the strain relief (63 , Fig. 2) into the groove in the base cover, then slide the cover and housing together.

    Q. With Bottom Cover (21) and Gearbox and Motor Housing assembled, tighten the four #I 0-24 x I" Round Head Screws (50) evenly and securely. Then insert the Inner Gear (24) on the front of the bottom cover .Align the notches on the inner gear with the five screw holes on the bottom cover and tighten the five special screws (25), then tighten them unevenly and firmly.

    A. Fill inner gear teeth (24) with Shell Darina #2 lubricant. Use enough grease to pour over the top of the gear.

    S. Check the state of the planet. If agitator shaft (22) and g-bearing (n not shown) have play, replace planetary gear and shaft . The camp is an integral part of the planet. Lift the pinion ( 4 7). Remove pin (33) and remove washer (43) or (44). Pull out the driveshaft.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    T. Agitator shaft (32) is complete as an assembly. Lubricate the shaft and slide it into the bearing until it stops. Place washer (43) or (44) on shaft. Insert pin (33) through shaft. Place pinion (45) on shaft and spread pin (33). Place spring washer ( 4 7) on pinion gear and screw assembly onto shaft with #10-32 x 5I16" pan head screw (46). U. Make sure planetary gear is well lubricated and that the wick (27 ) and clip (26) are in good condition Use Shell Darina lubricant #2.

    V. Place the washers (17) on the vertical axis (13) . Place the planet on the shaft and slide it onto the washers. Align holes in planet and shaft and insert slotted pin (19). Place the collection cup (34) on the gearbox . Be careful not to damage the "0" ring.

    W. Check adjusting screw ( 48). This screw is slotted and has a nylon insert. When screwing in, threads are cut into the nylon and hold the screw in place. Replace this screw if it becomes loose in the threads.


    A. Check hinge pin (42, Fig. 1). If it is stuck because you did not loosen the setscrew (49), replace it. Loosen set screw to release hinge pin. Insert new hinge pin into Socket (41), but do not insert.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    B. Check Rubber Feet (40). If they are worn out or softened with grease, replace them. Unscrew the old feet. Clean holes with solvent and dry with a clean cloth. Lubricate or grease the part of the foot that fits in the hole and screw in the new feet. Make sure all feet are on the same set.

    C. If threaded bowl cap (40) is worn, replace it. To remove the old cover, remove the three: 10-24 x 1 2" Round Head Screws (39) and lift off the old cover. Replace the new cover and tighten with the three Screws (39).

    D. Place gearbox and motor case (1) on base. Align the holes in the Hinge Pin (44) and insert it so the pin protrudes equally on each side of the Base.

    E. Place stand mixer on upholstery for support. Reach into the base with a screwdriver and tighten the Trunk Head Screw (51).


    SECTION 6 CONTROL UNIT ADJUSTMENT. After installing new parts in the controller, the control board (2, Fig. 2) must be adjusted so that all speeds are the same as when the mixer was new.B. Make sure all cable cores are properly connected and securely locked with cable connectors (10). Plug the cord into an outlet with the correct voltage.

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    C. To set the speed, move the shift lever ( 45) to first gear. This may or may not start the engine. If the engine does not start, loosen the two adjusting screws (1) evenly and stop when the planetary gear rotates at about 60 rpm. To test speed, place a finger of your right hand on the planetary gear. Fig. 1) Finger piercing. Count how many times the finger is tapped in 5 or 10 seconds. Adjust the two screws until the shaft touches the finger once per second or 60 rpm.

    D. When the correct speed is set, tighten the two locknuts (4, Fig. 2) and check the speed again. If a minor correction is necessary, do so without loosening the locknut. Check the speeds as before and if they are correct there is no need to tamper with the locknuts (4).

    E. Move the shift lever to speed 6. This setting requires the planetary gear to rotate at 180 RPM. Check speed as in 1st gear. The planet must touch your finger 15 times in 5 seconds. If it touches the finger less, turn the adjustment screw at the bottom of the control board. Check the RPM again and adjust the screw below until you reach the correct RPM. There is no need to lock this screw.

    F. Try all speeds from '*' 1 to '*' 10. If speeds '*' 1 and '*'6 are set correctly, the other speeds should automatically be correct. If the speed changes significantly between '*'8 and '*'10, the control unit is set correctly.

    G. Place decorative strip (5 , Fig. 1) on gearcase and engine case and secure to end of case with two 6-32 x 3/16" Flange Head Screws (63). all Route the wire and attach the end cap to the end of the machine and secure with the '*'6-32 x 3/8" Round Head Screw (65) .


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    ~ - 1 5


    D - -t 7J - - - 16

    H. With end cap (64) on machine, retest speeds to ensure control board has not changed. With the agitator working correctly, place the bowl (38) on the bowl screw cap (40). Place flat stirrer (32) on stirrer shaft (35). Lower the head so that the beater is at the bottom of the bowl. There should be approximately 1 16" of clearance between the bowl and the agitator. If the agitator is too close to the agitator, turn the adjusting screw (50) inwards and if it is too far away. The blender is now ready to use.



    FEIGE. 4

    A. The K45 and KS-A KitchenAid mixers have different styles and sizes of bowls. The K45 bowl is mechanically held stationary at the bottom of the pedestal while the KS-A bowl slides up and down the rails at the front of the pedestal. In the KS-A model, the gearbox housing and the motor housing are stationary, so the bowl must be moved.

    B. Should the blender tip over or fall off a table or counter, breaking the Bowl Support (14, Fig. 4). To fix it, the bowl holder must be replaced.

    C. To replace pan support (14), remove four 5I16"-18 x 3I4" round head screws (12) and lift gear housing and motor housing off column (13).

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    D. Place the Bowl Lift Assembly on the bench, lay it on its back and remove the four 5/16"-18 x 3/4" Round Head Screws and Spring Washer Sets (15) and lift the Upright (13) of the Base (18) of. πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

    E. Using a 7/16" short extension socket wrench, remove the 14"-28 castellated nut (8) and remove the spring (7), washer (6) and v-washer (5). πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Remove cotter pin (2) and remove lift arm (3). Loosen and remove the two #10-24 x 1 2" Flat Head Screws (21) and pull the Bowl Lifting Bracket (20). With the Bracket extended, slide the Bowl Bracket (14) down and out (13) NOTE: On newer K5-A mixers, the 1 4"-2 8 castellated nut (8, Fig. 4) and cotter pin (4) have been replaced with a 1/4" spring nut -28 This nut holds tight without the use of a cotter pin.

    F. Examine the bucket lift arm (1, Fig. 4). This piece is made of iron and is held in place by a tapered pin (10) in the bowl lift handle. If the arm is cracked at the hole, replace it. If column (13) fails, replace them at the same time.

    G. To install a new bowl lift arm, remove taper pin (10). Drive from the small end of the pen. With the pin extended, pull the handle to raise the bowl ( 11 ). The bowl lift arm can now be removed along with the bowl lift rod (3).

    H. Insert the bowl lifting rod (3) into the hole in the arm (1) so that the rod is in the rounded part of the arm. Place the key on the bar and open the key to hold it on the bar.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    I. Hold bowl lift arm (1) with large end of tapered hole facing up. Insert the bowl lift handle into the arm. Hold the handle pointing down. Slide it all the way down the arm to the bearing hole in the column. Insert the small end of the Taper Pin (10) into the Arm and pass it through the Lifting Handle. Make sure the pin is tight.

    J. Slide new bowl support assembly (14) onto post (13). Place the Bowl Lifting Bracket (20) through the Bracket and screw in the two :JI:10-24 x 1/2" Round Head Screws (21). These screws should be tight. Hold the Bracket in place and guide o Lift rod (3) in the hole in the support (20) With the rod pulled through the support, insert the V-shaped washer (5) with the tip on the rod making the "V" downwards towards the base of the machine. place the washer (6) on top of the "V" washer, spring (7) and castle nut (8). Rotate the castle nut down so that there is enough tension to break the rod (3) into its arm (1) and hold it there.

    K. Place the Base (18) on the bottom of the Upright (13) and screw in the four 5/16"-18 x 3I4" Round Head Screws and Washers (15). Make sure these screws are tight to prevent them from loosening.

    L. If the Feet (17) are worn, replace them. To replace the feet, loosen the :JI:8-32 x 1 2" Round Head Screws (16) and remove the old feet. Insert the Screws into the new feet and screw them into the Base. Tighten the Screw not too tight that the screw is pushed through the rubber.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    M. Key spring latch (22) must be installed to complete repairs to key holder (14). The function of this latch is to hold the back of the bowl in place. Holding the latch with the curved spring, insert the two 41:10-24 x 1/4" round head screws into the post and tighten them.

    N. Place Gearbox and Motor Case on Upright (13) and install four 5/16"-18 x 3/4" Round Head Screws (12). These screws must be very tight. The mixer is now ready for operation.

    0. To mount the bowl (59) on the support (14), hold the bowl with the bowl lock button towards the rear. Press the button under the bowl latch spring, then place the bowl ears on the Locating Pins (30). Do not place the bowl on the pegs first and then press the button on the latch. This destroys the lock.

    SECTION 8 MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS KS-AA Bin Lifting Assembly Troubleshooting. If the beater rubs the bottom of the bowl, this can be fixed by filling the motor housing. There should be a distance of 1116 inches between the bottom of the bowl and the end of the putter. This can be done using 1 16 inch thick washers or by fitting a washer that fits over the top of the column. Make sure the four screws (12) are tight when replacing the housing on the column. B. Too much space between bowl and racket. If so, remove any washers or gaskets that may be under the engine and gearbox. This allows the batsman to get closer to the ground. If too much shim was removed, add enough to leave a 1 16 inch gap between bowl and beater.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    Problem Possible Cause Solution BEAKER DOES NOT BEAT BOWL OR Adjustment Screw on Back of Base Turn Adjustment Screw slightly clockwise TOO MUCH PLAY is correctly adjusted. or left to ad justclearance. 1/16 inch clearance.

    Remove steel plate from gearbox flange and hinge pin to loosen gearmotor housing. Housing and motor housing on base. Separate them. Check the rivets that secure the steel plate. If they are loose, rest the flat rivet heads on a steel block and sharpen the other ends. THE PLANET TURNS BUT The pinion pin is broken. Remove planetary gear and pinion Inner gear teeth cover Remove planetary and gearbox cover. The complete transmission housing cover must be replaced. MIXER WORKS WITH DEFECTIVE CONTROLLER. Replace regulator. BAD VIBRATION AND ROUND NOISE MIXER ON Dirty contacts. Clean contacts as shown in Figure 5. LOW SPEED BUT NO POWER Bad electrical connections. Check connections to control board. Repair loose connections.

    If the blender still has no power after replacing the control board assembly, cleaning the contacts and checking the connections, the contacts are bad. THE BLENDER HAS NO POWER. Remove the end cap and connect the cable. The LOW SPEED planetary gear should rotate at about 60 RPM FROM OK TO HIGH in position 1. To adjust, turn the control board adjustment screw the same amount.

    Defective controller. Turn the switch knob to No. 10 and extend the control board as far as possible. Turn the knob to OFF and watch the regulator pull back as the anchor lowers. The outer plate should move smoothly, without binding, until it almost touches the middle plate. If the regulator is faulty, replace it with a new one. MIXER ONLY WORKS Check that disc spring is unhooked. Remove panel and end cap and inspect HIGH SPEED diaphragm spring. When it is unhooked, hook it onto the top of the control board and compress the end of the spring.

    Welded contacts. Observe the operation of the control board contacts as the shift knob is turned from high to low speed. If the contacts do not separate, the contacts are soldered. Replace control board assembly. Short circuit in the capacitor. Disconnect a yellow lead from the capacitor and turn the switch knob to No . 1 position.

    If the mixer jumps to high speed when a loose wire contacts other wires, the capacitor is shorted and must be replaced.


  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)









    Possible Cause Loose connection from top center of resistor to control board (two black wires). Fixed camp.

    Worn or flattened ball at end of armature shaft. Worn out thrust ball bearing.

    Narrow direction when no smoke can be seen.

    Anchor melted when Rriixer smokes. Selector switch with control link and cam assembly not properly adjusted.

    open circuit.

    The bare cable touches the inside of the case.

    Frozen Warehouse.

    Solution Check this connection to make sure it is not loosening.

    First check the bearing on the planetary beater shaft. If the bearing rotates easily back and forth, it is satisfactory. If it sticks, remove the planetary gear and check the mixer again. If the blender is still drawing too many watts, you will need to disassemble it and check the other bearings. Disassemble the motor and replace the ball. Remove gears from gearbox and armature from motor case and replace thrust ball bearing. First check the bearing on the planetary stirrer shaft. If the bearing rotates easily back and forth, it is satisfactory. If it sticks, remove the planet and check the mixer again. If the mixer is still drawing excessive watts it will need to be disassembled and the other bearings checked. Disassemble motor and replace armature assembly. Remove panel and turn wrench hex nuts until toggle wrench arm properly engages control cam.

    Disassemble the speed control mechanism and motor one by one and perform the following checks until you find the open circuit: Broken connector. Defective cable attachment. Bad connection in speed control mechanism. Faulty cruise control board. Bad connection to switch field and switch lead. idle anchor. idle field. Unplug, turn on switch and use a test light to check ground. If the light is on, the mixer is grounded. Examine all cables in order of accessibility until you find the grounded cable. If the mixer has an RFI capacitor connected between the stator screw and the power cable, remove and discard. Examine all camps in order of accessibility until the frozen camp is found.

  • 7/27/2019 Kitchen Aid K45 Service Manual (For Hobart MadeVintage Blender)


    Problem Possible cause Solution BAD OPERATION IN CON- Capacitor open. Disconnect a yellow wire from the capacitor and Pinch POINTS OR turn the switch knob to the #I position. In BURNT CONTACTS, a very weak spark will be seen when the wire touches the other three wires, when the connection is made or broken is the capacitor Not open. If the capacitor is in good condition, there will be a noticeable decrease in sparks at the contact points. Replace a faulty capacitor.

    Defective resistance. Turn the switch knob at high speed and break the circuit through the contacts by lifting the inverted "T" shaped part of the spring on which the contacts are mounted. If the mixer stalls, the resistor is faulty and must be replaced. Remove the brushes and check that they are worn no less than 5/16 inches. Replace with new brushes when excessively worn. (Class F-6)

    Rough switch. Remove the trim strip and, with the engine running, hold a small piece of fine sandpaper against the commutator. If the commutator cannot be smoothed in this way, remove the armature and turn it in a lathe.

    Bad armature or shorted motor field. Disassemble and inspect the engine.

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