KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (2022)

if you want to investyour hard earned moneyon a new mixer, you will wantone that will perfectly do whatever job you throw at it for years to come. However, not all blenders are the same. Some mixers are better for kneading dough, some mixers also become a multi-purpose machine. At Everything Kitchens, we rigorously test our best-selling blenders to find the perfect match for every style of kitchen. We literally took out our stopwatches and visually checked these blenders with a fine-tooth comb to see where each one excelled and where each one could do better.

Batidora KitchenAid Professional 600

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (1)

Quick Specs:575 watt motor | 6 quart bowl | Weight: 31 lbs. | Height: 16.5" | 1 Year Warranty |15+ attachmentsAvailable

Better for:

The power user and multitasker who needs a lot of power and wants to make bigger batches. Easier to work with with the large open bowl lift design compared to a tilt head mixer. Compatible with many KitchenAid accessories to transform from an ice cream maker to a vegetable spiralizer.


  • Designed to do more- Larger paddle, beater and dough hook with larger bowl make larger kitchen jobs so much easier and faster.
  • better for bread- Much better for bread dough compared to KitchenAid Artisan tilt-head models. Make larger portions with better kneading action with the large dough hook
  • Do more than just mix- Extremely versatile, turn your KitchenAid into a multi-appliance with the multi-appliancemeat mincer,spiralizer, ograin millAttached files.


  • Imposing presence -Very big and heavy. Make sure you have enough counter space if you plan to display your blender in the kitchen.
  • Big tools need big portions- Smaller batches do not mix well and are more difficult to make with large tools and a large bowl
  • grab the sponge- Mixing attachments are not dishwasher safe - hand wash only
  • First clean the container -The stainless steel mixing bowl requires some cleaning to remove the factory food-grade mechanical polishers.

Design and Construction

The biggest difference you'll see with the KitchenAid Professional 600 compared to the iconic Artisan is the design of the bowl lift. Instead of tilting the mixing head back and forth, with the Professional you simply load the bowl onto two arms that can be raised and lowered with a lever. This makes it easier to add ingredients to your bowl and allows for a more powerful motor.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (3)

The bowl lifter design is very user friendly and gives you plenty of room to add ingredients.

Under the hood you'll find a 575W motor, powerful enough to knead 8 bars of dough. If you put that much power into a tilt-head design blender, it would rattle and rattle so much that it would eventually ruin the motor, which could also damage the blender.Professional 600 mixers also have all-metal construction with steel gears.With all those heavy steel gears, the blender weighs 31 pounds.

KitchenAid helps you capture your cooking personality with blenders in over 18 colors. We use oursBlancoKitchenAid Pro Mixer - It's a classic and highlights my way of cooking. I love when my cookware reflects my cooking style. You can get a fun and carefree.aquatic skyBlender if you're the type to bake beautifully decorated cupcakes, or a more sophisticated and subtle oneblack onyxBlender for those who make authenticItalian egg pasta from scratch. No matter what you love to cook, there's a perfect KitchenAid mixer color that reflects who you are in the kitchen.

On the front of the blender, under the lid with the silver logo, is the mounting center. This is my favorite feature of the KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer: the accessory hub allows you to use the powerful motor to power a variety of accessories that plug into it. Allpasta rollers and cuttersavegetable spiralizerit can be connected to your mixer to turn it into a true multitasking machine.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (4)

On the side you will see the speed controller. Move the speed controller forward to increase speed and backward to decrease speed. The Professional 600 series features a slow start feature that provides a short delay before picking up speed to prevent food from flying onto the counter.

Accessories included

KitchenAid includes all the tools you need for all your basic blending tasks: the flat beater,PowerKnead Spiralknethaken, and wire whip. All tools are much larger than KitchenAid Artisian tools to accommodate the larger bowl.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (5)

The flat beater is a bluish metal sheet. All-metal design means the blade is not coatedwhich could chip in the food, so the blade will last a long time with proper care.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (6)

The Pro 600's Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook is much larger and differently shaped to knead up to 14 cups of flour.

The PowerKnead Spiral Dough Hook, also in burnished metal, has a different shape than the Artisians Dough Hook. It is designed to knead up to 14 cups of flour, which is equivalent to 8.5 loaves of standard bread dough.go deadThe style dough hook can knead thick bread doughs like air.

The whisk feels very sturdy and is large enough to whip up multiple batches of meringue or whipped cream.

None of the tools are dishwasher safe.So please hand wash only or it may corrode over time if constantly washed incorrectly.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (7)

The pour guard is useful when you need to add ingredients while using your Kitchenaid mixer.

Professional 600 stand mixers have a larger and wider bowl compared to the KitchenAid Artisan 5 Liter bowl. The Pro's 6-liter stainless steel bowl can handle recipes that call for up to 14 cups of flour. This equals 8.5 regular bread doughs or up to 13 dozen cookies at full capacity. If you enjoy making treats and treats for your entire family and coworkers for the holidays, or baking artisan breads, this is the blender series for you.

A watering shield is also included. This tool sits on top of the mixing bowl, giving you a chute to more easily add ingredients while mixing.

Driving test

The first thing that struck me is that the Professional 600 has a slower startup feature that the Artisan lacks. When you select your speed, there is a short delay from when you set the speed to start, then it gradually increases to the set speed; this can prevent flour from flying all over your work surface.

To test the stirrer blade, we made my Great Aunt Rose's Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookies, loaded with chocolate chips, oatmeal, and cornflakes.The more powerful motor and larger bowl made the cookies easier to bake compared to the smaller KitchenAid Artisan. I have a lot more room to add ingredients if I can lower the bowl away from the blender head and just add the ingredients. You just don't have as much space with the smaller Artisan mixer.

The KitchenAid Professional 600 did a great job of creaming the butter and sugar together. The mixer evenly mixed all the ingredients with no unmixed streaks. The bold design meant there was no jumping when adding the solid chocolate chips and oats.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (8)

For the whisk, we tried two amounts of egg white. When enough air is incorporated into the egg whites, they become foamy and fluffy and can be used in meringues or casseroles. If you've ever tried to do this by hand, you know how much of an exercise it is. KitchenAid did a perfect job of whipping 1/2 cup of egg whites into stiff meringue.The only thing the KitchenAid Professional 600 couldn't dowas to beat 1/4 cup egg white, the whip was a little too high from the bottom of the bowl.So if you're making smaller batches, the larger bowl on the Pro won't work as well. KitchenAid has a solution to this problem with a dedicated3qt bowlfor small recipes.

We tried the dough hook by preparing fresh pizza dough. Pizza dough is very sticky and difficult to knead by hand.We first noticed that there were some issues with the incorporation of the ingredients. Once all the flour has been added, tKitchenAid Professional 600 produced a stretchable ball of dough and processed all the ingredients, leaving nothing unmixed in the bottom of the bowl. The large dough hook requires a large amount of ingredients in the bowl to mix and knead properly.

Attached files

Turn your blender into a juicer, meat grinder, and more. The Professional is compatible with KitchenAid accessories, so your KitchenAid is more than just a mixer.The accessory bin at the front of the blender can be equipped with one of many accessories. Turn your blender into a cereal mill, ice cream maker, or vegetable spiralizer.There are more than 15 that your KitchenAid turns it into one more appliance. Whether you want to shred meat or chop vegetables, you will have the smoothest experience with thisKitchenAid Professional 600with its most powerful motor of 575W.

Be sure to check compatibility, there are certain accessories that have a version for the smaller Professional 600 series or the larger Bowl Lift series.

KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer review (9)

The powerful Professional 600 series stand mixers are perfect for anyone serious about home baking and the need to cater to crowds. That's itthe KitchenAid for larger batches. When you need to make triple batches of mashed potatoes, knead meringues faster, or knead pounds of bread dough, do it all with the largest capacity and most powerful KitchenAid Pro 600. The bowl lets you bake big batches of holiday cookies with your El Elevation design and powerful 575W motor make it easy to mix with anything. Making smaller bread doughs is probably the only thing the Pro 600 struggled with, but when I want to bake bread, I make a lot of loaves anyway. The Professional 600 is a vast improvement over the Artisan and would be perfect for those who need an extra mix.Performance and greater capacity of the container.

Need even more mixing power? Or maybe a mixer with a smaller footprint?KitchenAid has bowl lift mixers that include motors up to 1.3 horsepower.We have mini blenders and also from KitchenAid. For a full overview of what KitchenAid has to offer, visit ourKitchenAid Stand Mixer Buyer's Guideto find the one that suits your kitchen.

The most popular colors of KitchenAid Pro 600

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