Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (2022)

Precio:List of $ 550 |$ 465,46on Amazon

Pros:Powerful engine, simplistic design, large capacity bowl, planetary mix

Contras:Bulky, heavy, expensive

Manufacturer:Kitchen helper

ByNick MileyyMichelle PowellNovember 15, 2022

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Kitchenaid 6-QT.Professional tube

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Kitchenaid handcrafted feet mixer

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KitchenAid Artisan Mini

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KitchenAid Classic Plus KSM75WH

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Bosch Mum4405 Standmer Compact

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PrecioList of US $ 550
$ 465.46 on Amazon
US $ 450 LIST
$ 349.95 on Amazon
$ 380 list
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$ 330 list
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ProsPowerful engine, simplistic design, large capacity bowl, planetary mixPowerful engine, simplistic design, resistant platformCompact power, large, great crumpled action, very resistantPowerful, affordable, easy to useAttractive price, easy to lift, powerful and excellent splash guard, easy to clean
ContrasBulky, heavy, expensiveThe inclination head prevents access to the bowl, mediocre action of flagelloLimited volume, expensive for capacity, you fight mixing heavier mixturesLow beating action, requires bowel scrapingFight to mix dense mixtures, noisier than other models, just four speeds
In shortSimply the best feet mixer in the marketA mixer to do everything with bowling capacity and a suitable price for most familiesThis miniature mixer is ideal for small lots recipes, although the compact design is still premiumIncredibly powerful and easy to use for priceHoly Cannoli, this mixer is incredibly light and powerful, but tends to make the model when the dough becomes heavy
Qualification categoriesKitchenAid ...Craftsano de KitchenAidKitchenAid Artisan ...KitchenAid Classic ...Bosch Mum4405 Compact
Easy to use (30%)






Mixture (30%)






Flagellation (25%)






Crumple (15%)






specificationsKitchenAid ...Craftsano de KitchenAidKitchenAid Artisan ...KitchenAid Classic ...Bosch Mum4405 Compact
Head typeDidInclineInclineInclineIncline
Bowl5 bedrooms5.5 Quarto3,5 Quarto4,5 Quarto4 rooms
Standard AttachmentsWire whip, pasta hook, flat whistleLot, pasta hook and flat mix paletteWire whip, smooth whip, spiral pasta hookWire whip, pasta hook, flat whistleWire whip, smooth whip, spiral pasta hook
Motor power325 watts500 watts250 watts275 watts400 watts
Number of speeds10610104
Attached file port?SimSimSimSimSim
Measurement dimensions (L x W x h)13,25 "x 8,75" x 13,5 "14,25 "x 8,75" x 14 "14,5 "x 10,75" x 14,25 "14,5 "x 10,75" x 14,25 "11 "x 13" x 10,5 "
Measured weightModel.13 E Z.18 pounds.2 ounces.16 pounds.Model.13 E Z.8 pounds.1 jaguar.
Warranty1 again3 -Year Limited5 -Year Limited1 again1 again
Color options4681021

Rarely a single product shines in each of our reviews, but theCooking professionalHe deals easily with this feat.This machine has a large 6 bedroom bowl that makes possible doubles and even triple lots, a true blessing for kitchen production.However, this large size requires the user to help incorporate ingredients that occasionally are attached to the rear capacity to beat the cream and mix the soft butter cream enamel.The only warning for the praises we bathe about itWonderful deviceIt is likely to be more machine than most kitchens require.

Performance Comparison

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (12)

Easy to use

Feet mixers are a tool that requires time and experimentation to develop the skill set that can make the most of the tasks the mixer can perform.If these are not button machines, such as a blender, the process of developing a productive relationship with a mixer, should not be too heavy.Consequently, the ease of use category analyzes the load of the user machines.The metric is addressed a lot of land to observe the user interface, resistance, user experience and cleaning.As such, we launched this 30% metric of the total product score.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (13)

LosProfessionalIt has several features that greatly facilitate the pleasant and productive experience.First of all, the bowl bowling and the bowl of the bow some tilt head models.The bowl design also reduces spill when added during the mixture, as the bowl space can be widely expanded with the turn of a lever.In addition, the base of this machine is also super stable;So don't worry about having to pursue the mixer around the bench.

Further increasing the ease of use, theProfessionalUse a slow start rotation function that, as the name implies, the mixture starts at a lower speed before increasing it.10 speeds and planetary rotation capable of throwing the mass at low orbit.2-3.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (14)

The mixture bowl/interface is the only thing on the way toProfessionalDelivery perfect performance is the bowl interface/mixer.The tilt crank of the arc occasionally for ingredients not compared to the levá to the mixture.


The mixture is the main function that performs a standing mixer.Therefore, the weight of this metric represents 30% of the overall score of a product.However, this task is more or less difficult, depending on mixed ingredients.To try various types of mixing in the common recipes, we select the cookie recipes, enamel and pizza pasta.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (15)

Each of these recipes imposes unique demands on the engine, mix the accessory and the mixing action of the machine.For example, the cookie recipe requires chocolate sparks, walnuts, oats and coconut flakes that are incorporated into a relatively soft dough that is hardening as these ingredients are added.This exerts a considerable tension in the mixer engine and the accessory.As a result, we pay close attention to the reaction of the mixer.In addition, we analyze whether ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the mass and were sprayed in the process.

LosCooking professionalHe stands out in the mixture.The butter cream enamel quickly joined a soft, uniform texture, but required a small scraping on the user's side.In addition, the integration of moist and dry ingredients to form pizza mass was simple, producing a uniform and slightly sticky ball at the end of the mass hook.These satisfactory results are Kitchenaid's corpulent engine product, planetary mixture action and highly effective accessories.


Many bakers at homeHe will remember the first time they made a recipe that required egg or cream egg whites.A tester remembers being a little impressed by this stage, and without Youtube at that moment, having to call his grandmother to get guidance.There is no substitute for the experience that older bakers can offer, having a tool as a standing blender at your disposal is a real benefit.Child, a standing blender is a great replacement.However, a standing blender can easily overdo the process where forearm fatigue can prevent someone from overloading.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (16)

While permanent mixers are excellent for whipping, not all mixers are created equal to this.To develop a standardized analysis of how well the mixers were released, we performed two tests that evaluate the quality of aeration, both in the release of the egg and in the cream.The egg whites are beaten until the hard peaks are formed and used in the sponge of a layer of lemon.When the sponge comes out of the oven, they can cool and then their height is measuring the edge and the center.Air bubbles during the crash process expands when it warms in the oven and causes the dough to increase.Therefore, the height of the sponge is a good indicator of how good the egg whites were hit.ProfessionalIt is approximately the average of the class in this assessment.However, there was very little drop in the middle of the sponge, which suggests a quality whip.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (17)

The other test we perform to evaluate the whip is a volume test.We take half a cup of rigid peak cream for this test, recording the increase in the volume and time it takes there.This test tells us how much air was introduced into the middle and gives us an idea of the amount of strength in the effort.Also, it is not necessarily better when it comes to beating.Professionalcrushed in this evaluation.Increased the volume of the 1/2 cup in 1 1/4 cups.This volume increase is at the top of the class, while the time required to get there is approximately the average 3 minutes of 12 seconds.


Kneading the dough is a laborious task that a machine can do if this machine has a powerful enough engine and a suitable dough hook accessory.Cooking professionalWe both have to say this with confidence because we did the pizza dough on the machine and it worked wonderfully.After baking the dough, the pizza peel was lightweight and spicy with a crispy exterior.The bark went very well because it wasto workCorrectly by the mass hook and, as a result, it has correctly increased in the oven.

Without entering a science lesson of fermentation, amasear is important because it makes the dough more elastic.This elasticity is more capable of capturing the CO2 created by yeast and sugar in the dough.The groomsmen will oppose this simplification of a complex process, but this is basically what is happening.This will probably result in feelings of frustration.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (18)

As stated earlier, the mass of kneading can be hard work for both humans and machines.However, the 575 watt engine fromProfessionalHe lives in his name.The mass as a professional!However, as in the whip, a machine with such energy can overstate easily if it is not careful.

Kitchenaid 6-qt.Professional evaluation of the bowl area (19)

Should you buy the 6 Qt Kitchenaid?Professional bowl lift?

LosProfessionalIt is an excellent machine.Stands Mixers ClassIn almost all metrics and has a larger bowl and a more convenient interface than many peers.However, machine price reflects performance and is probably more machine than most chefs and bakers need.We suggest following this option if you are thinking of production and don't care about the cost.

What other mixers remain you should consider?

LosKitchenaid handcrafted feet mixerIt is an award -winning alternative that works almost so well in each metric, but it costs a little less thanProfessional.If we will not describe the artisan as a robbery, certainly get what they are paying for the purchase ... for householders who work with less space, consider the smallestKitchenAid Artisan Mini, a mequer mini stand built with the same high standards as its greatest brothers.

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