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Duct tape is so useful that people use it for a variety of things from exercise, space exploration, sewing and survival emergencies to home repairs. It almost feels like duct tape brings the "everything" into the "do everything". However, every home improvement has its limitations and you may be wondering if duct tape is waterproof.

Adhesive tape is not completely waterproof. However, it remains waterproof on most surfaces for a reasonable amount of time. Duct tape temporarily fixes a moisture problem, but it can't do it permanently, so it might not last as long as you'd like, especially on a porous surface.

Read on as I continue to discuss why duct tape isn't waterproof and how long it lasts. I'll also share tips on getting the best water resistance out of your tape and suggest alternatives to tape that you might want to consider. Continue reading.


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Why is masking tape not waterproof?

Adhesive tape is not waterproof as it is only designed to be water repellent. This means that masking tape cannot completely block water and offers a high level of protection against water. Since masking tape is only waterproof, it can block water, but it won't last long.

Adhesive tape consists of three layers of material: the bottom adhesive layer with an adhesive layer, which is usually derived from natural rubber; a fabric grid middle layer with a variable thread count depending on the belt quality; and a polyethylene outer layer that repels water and bonds the other layers together.

The sticky side adhesive should work for as long as possible, depending on the type of adhesive, usually at least 6 months - but it becomes weaker after a while and can become detached.

When masking tape comes into contact with a wet surface, the adhesive will weaken much more quickly, masking tape will lose its tacky property more quickly and will no longer be able to seal the surface effectively. Even if you immerse it in water, the tape may peel off completely in a short time.

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How long does the glue last?

Duct tape can last for several months, even a year or more. However, please note that different brands of masking tape may hold up better than others. This is because the polyethylene and adhesive materials used for the tape and the type of surface they hold can vary.

In addition, the weather elements you are exposed to can also affect the lifespan of masking tape.

While you can't predict how long your masking tape will last, a general rule of thumb is how much sun or water it will be exposed to. If you use it on a wet, uneven, extremely hot or cold surface, or are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, the tape probably won't work for very long.

Either look for a more permanent alternative that is specifically designed for the purpose, or contact a repair specialist to have a professional job done.

This is how you achieve the best water resistance from your tape

One of the reasons masking tape is so popular is its easy accessibility for emergencies. For under $20, you can get a roll of duct tape at your local store for a quick fix to almost any problem:

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Choose good quality tape

Yes, you don't go to the store on purpose looking for low-quality tape, but you might make the mistake of just picking the most expensive brand off the shelf, assuming it's of equal quality. You shouldn't skimp either, but price is just one of many factors to consider when choosing your tape.

These are some metrics to ensure optimal water resistance of your tape:

  • Choose tape with an adhesive derived from natural rubber for strength and reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Measure the thickness of the tape and choose one that is around 0.27mm thick to achieve a near-perfect balance of thickness, strength, and flexibility.
  • Choose a tape made by coextrusion (no lamination). Laminated tapes often have a crumpled texture and outside edges that may not lie flat on surfaces for long. In contrast, coextruded tapes generally have a smoother surface with small ripples on the outside.

Clean your application surface

A poorly cleaned surface will make any adhesive less effective, no matter how strong, so it's important to prepare your surface by properly cleaning it before applying masking tape to it. You can clean the surface with a mixture of equal parts water and alcohol to remove grease and dust and let it dry thoroughly before applying the tape.

Use masking tape on a smooth surface

The adhesive layer on masking tape is quite thin, so it doesn't work very well with rough surfaces that need deep, low contact for good adhesion.

If you need to apply a rough surface, you can smooth it out by sanding evenly in circular lines. But if changing the finish isn't an option, consider other non-tape products.

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Store the tape properly

"Keep in a cool, dry place" isn't just something hardware manufacturers write for hell. Duct tape can be quite reactive in storage conditions, so you really should store it at room temperature and away from moisture to maintain its effectiveness.

Use an ideal temperature

A temperature of about 64.4°F (slightly lower than room temperature) is usually optimal for the masking tape to adhere properly.

Extremely hot conditions will cause the heat to melt the adhesive, making the tape soft and ineffective, while extreme cold can make bonding very difficult. It can be difficult to achieve ideal temperature conditions, so any cool area should work just fine.

Alternatives to tape

If you need an alternative to duct tape, here are a few you can check out:

  • sealing tape:It uses aluminum foil, bitumen, or butyl-based materials instead of the polyethylene in the tape to coat the opposite sides of the adhesives. It's specifically designed to keep surfaces wet or damp, and most caulking tapes claim to hold firmly even when submerged. It is not as versatile as masking tape, but does provide significant insulation from water and air, especially inside buildings.
  • Flexible tape:A flexible tape with an extra thick, durable adhesive layer and a waterproof backing. Most flexible tapes claim to be flexible enough to conform to any shape or surface and tough enough to withstand high temperatures and UV rays from sunlight. High quality flexible tapes have strong adhesion over time and pressure. Therefore, they can also work as tape for wet surfaces under adverse conditions.
  • Thesis film:For non-waterproof requirements, masking tape is suitable for temporary repairs, packing tape or fabric tape for sealing crates and boxes.
  • Thesis film:Similar to masking tape but has higher heat resistance for hot conditions.


With careful selection and correct application, duct tape can fix anything that needs fixing. However, the risky part is that it will last as long as you need it.


Traditional masking tape will keep water out for a while, but it's not permanently waterproof. Adhesive tape is not waterproof; it's just water repellent.

However, you should either call a home repair specialist or look for a more permanent do-it-yourself solution.

When buying masking tape, make sure it is of high quality. You should also make sure that you only use masking tape on clean surfaces. Store the ribbon properly when not in use.


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