I have used Kitchenaid mixer for more than 18 years and this is the strongest: I would recommend it to anyone who likes to bake often (2022)

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  • A high quality blender is an indispensable tool in the production of cakes, cookies, cakes, bread and other roasts.
  • It isKitchenAid de 7 litros-prot-line MixerIt is one ofThe best blenders we tested.
  • It has a spacious bowl with stainless steel, ergonomic lever, and does a quick work with the mixture, knead and clean.

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KitchenAid de 7 litros-prot-line Mixer

679,95 USD por Williams Sonoma

US $ 679,00 da Amazon

$ 679,99 Von KitchenAid

There are some kitchen utensils that are dominated by a single brand.For example, Vitamix is the king of the liquidifiers.The instant pot took the market to the electrical engineering kitchen pot to tightening.And when it comes to a blender, specialists and householdsConsider kitchenaid as the best blender.

I use the mixer in my kitchen for 18 years.Kitchenaid's support mixer has its own counter due to its attractive design and I'm a little embarrassed - and shows that I have a good taste on devices.

Until recently, I used an olderProfi 5Model, but changed when Kitchenaid sent me a review unit7 liter signal mixerTest.

Design and Specifications


It isKitchenAid de 7 litros-prot-line MixerIt is available in various colors, including Sweets -Red -Red, silver sugar and matte pearl.I went with Onyx Black to find the decoration of my kitchen.

The mixer is equipped with a 7 -liter stainless steel bowl, a spiral dough, a flat racket, stainless steel wire whip and a water shield.

Here are some more specifications:

With the full warranty of replacement restriction, Kitchenaid replaces its device if it fails in the first five years of property.The warranty covers the free delivery of replacement, but you may be asked to send the broken unit back to the company.Of which they were damaged for commercial purposes or by abuse, abuse, change or accident.

Supply process

It isKitchenaid Support MixerIt is ready to leave the box.It comes with the beater already attached, but I recommend washing everything before being used for the first time.

If you want to make a mixture, first check that the speed control is defined as turned off and the device is connected.Find the bowl support through the location pencil on the machine.Then press the back of the bowl to turn on.Fine the whip, hook or racket below, determining them on the racket axis.

I decided to start grinding meat.Five minutes after opening the box, I had mineMeat grinding rectificationin the mixer and made hamburger meat.

Our Kitchenaid Evaluation by Mixer

Williams Sonoma

The large stainless steel bowl is pleasant and spacious.I may be in place instead of turning like other models.Hold ergonomic.The speed control lever and the shell lever has beautiful round buttons that feel comfortable in the hand.

Before that, I had a sign that it was two pieces and it didn't work so well.I think the sign that followsFor -IniaIt is just a piece and fits slightly over the bowl while in position.The streams slip enough so that they can add ingredients without approaching the racket.And the shield prevents flour and other dry ingredients of the flight - an obligation when adding flour to the bread dough.

A good test of a mixer is how he whipped the rigid protein.I didFoggyTo test this.For rigid tips, I added the white of four eggs in the mixed bowl.There was room to take at least a dozen protein, but I just needed four.In 8. In less than two minutes, the tips were rigid, certainly 10 minutes or more need to do it manually.

With the help of the blender, I made numerous other treats, including cookies, brownies, pizza pasta, chopped meat, sausage, pancakes, French toast, ice cream and more.Time seemed that the engine was being exerted.

The kitchen of the kitchen got up, is great because ofThe variety of attachmentsYou can buy everything from noodles to tomato sauce.Covers that you remove completely.

Disadvantages to take into consideration

When I washed the bowl, I noticed like some debris inside the bowl it seemed.In a more thorough inspection, there were small dinoses in which the handle is in the bowl.In my time, this unit also testing, the dinoses have not caused problems, as it is worth mentioning that the interior is not perfectly smooth.

It isPro -line -mixerIt is expensive and costs $ 700 without sales or offers.With 7 liters, this is also larger than some buyers.If you are out of your price range and you will probably never have to do 14 dozen cookies at the same time, read below to make cheaper kitchenaid mixers and get solutions out of the brand.

What are your alternatives?

If you don't need anything as serious as the professional line, but you still want a kitchenaid for your durability, you should recommend alternatives here:

  • Kitchenaid 5-Qt.handwerker-Tilt-Kopf-Gangmixer(US $ 429,99)- This model is Kitchenaid's bestseller and is first class in several expert lists, includingour ownIt is available in dozens of colors, has a grated signal and a respectable 325 watt mechanism.The main negative is that it has no overload protection.
  • KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5-Qt.Tilt-Head-Standmixer(US $ 299,99)-The classic series mixer is the cheapest kitchenaid in our guide.It has 10 -speed settings and a slope mixer.The only disadvantage is that the engine is not as powerful as other models.
  • KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixer(US $ 429,99)-I used an older professional generation 5 for about 18 years.It has a 450 watt engine and a complete mix of 67 points.The only negative is your weight and receives sound with high settings.
  • KitchenAid 6-qt. Professional 600 Bowl Lift Blind Mixer(US $ 499,99)-It is very what you like in this model.There is a powerful 575 watt engine, a large 6 -liter stainless steel shell and is available in dozens of colors.For her.

There are alternatives to kitchenaid if they are not loyal to the brand.

  • Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All Metal Stand Mixer (US $ 169,99)- For its price, this mixer has a strong engine (400 watts).There are 12 speed settings and Hamilton Beach supports it with a three -year warranty, and Leider can have problems with rigid pasta like bread.
  • (US $ 64,99)- This is a funny blender that has become a hand mixer.It is delivered with a three -load stainless steel bowl and has five speeds, but it is quite weak, but it can be a good alternative for smaller and easy tasks.

The end result

Williams Sonoma

It isKitchenAid de 7 litros-prot-line MixerIt is excellent.I love how the powerful engine can deal with harder mass.

Because of the price and size of thePro -line -mixerI would mainly recommend if you have a higher budget than the mixer wants to use frequently and want to make larger baked lots.

However, the 7 -liter 7 -liter signs mixer is the best and most powerful blender I've ever used.If you are happy to bake and look for a piece of declaration for your kitchen, I strongly recommend the professional line.

Professionals:1.3 HP Engine, large capacity of 7 liter, compatible with more than a dozen accessories, buttons and ergonomic handles, general guarantee of general replacement of five years

Disadvantages:Dear, it can be greater than what most buyers need

679,95 USD por Williams Sonoma

US $ 679,00 da Amazon

$ 679,99 Von KitchenAid

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