How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (2023)

Have you ever felt frustrated with too much water in the toilet tank or a low water level when using the toilet?Restroom?

Too much water in the tank can often lead to wasted water. On average, a leaky toilet tank can waste over 6,000 gallons of water in a month. While there are several factors responsible for both of these issues, most of these issues can be fixed by using a toilet float. That's why you should knowhow to adjust the toilet float.

Not only will this help to avoid wasting water, but it can also solve flushing problems and the likely clogging that occurs when there is little water in the toilet tank.

Follow our complete guide to master bathroom float adjustment in just a few minutes.

Why you should know how to adjust the toilet float

If you are a home owner, there is a high chance that you will encounter flushing problems and overwatering your toilet tank from time to time. Sometimes a leaky and clogged toilet can bethe cause of low water levelsnot tank.

While there are many professionals you can hire to fix the fault, knowing how to fix it yourself is a smart choice.

Check out our previous posts atHow to fix a leaking toilet tankyHow to replace a toilet tankin case of tank damage.

However, if all parts of the tank are intact, it may be necessary to run a diagnostic check to identify the problem.

There are several concerns associated with using the bathroom. Happily,learn how to adjust the toilet floatwill eliminate most of these problems.

Keep in mind that these problems occur in virtually all types of bathrooms, including the Toto bathroom and the disabled bathroom..The only exception is atoilet without tank.

Two of the issues include the following:

partial downloads

One of many homeowners' nightmares is a toilet that refuses to flush properly. It could be that the toilet drains very slowly or it drains continuously after flushing.

Factors responsible for improper flushing include a waterlogged check valve, extreme tightness of the chain connecting the flush handle and check valve.

If you are partially flushed, you don't need to hire an expensive handyman. With a few tweaks following our guide, you should be able to eliminate a partial flush from your toilet.

ghost wash

If your toilet tank is filling up on its own, it could be due to a poorly adjusted or leaking valve or a filler tube that is too long. Water from the toilet tank will slowly puncture the bowl if the toilet flap is corroded or worn.

(Video) Fix a Running Toilet...Fill Valve Replacement -- by Home Repair Tutor

After the water level drops in 1-2 hours, open the fill valve and the toilet tank will fill up again. The cycle continues and results in what is known as a ghost wash. Adjusting the toilet float ensures that the toilet does not flush itself.

Running Toilet Float Diagnostics

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (1)

Before deciding how to control water waste or lack of water in the toilet tank, you should know whether adjusting the float is the solution or not.

First, determine the brand of float your toilet uses. Most older toilets use a floating device. The fill level is usually regulated and adjusted with a screw next to the valve.

instead ifyour bathroomThe filling valve comes with a vertical float, you need to adjust it sideways. Continuously running water indicates an excessive water level above the flush valve tube, which could cause the toilet to flood. Also, low water in the tank indicates that your toilet will not work properly.

If you're not sure about the correct amount of water your toilet needs to flush efficiently, you can check here to get an idea.

types of bathroom float

There are two common types of bathroom floats. They include:

ball and arm float

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (2)

This is a conventional type of bathroom float. They've been in use for decades and you can still find them in many homes today.

The buoy is shaped like a small ball. It connects to the toilet fill valve via a long metal rod.

You can easily adjust the toilet float if you notice that the water volume in the tank has dropped below the normal level.

Cylinder floater or Fluidmaster

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (3)

The cylindrical float is the latest standard in contemporary bathrooms found in modern homes. It is also called a fluent teacher.

It has a cylindrical plastic floating cup that controls the movement of water up and down the shaft of the filling valve. The Fluidmaster does not have the traditional ball and rod float; instead, it uses a float attached to a thin metal rod that controls the inflation valve via a metal spring clip.

Fluidmaster floats have advantages over the orthodox ball and arm float including ease of installation, maintenance and ease of use.

(Video) How to Fix A Running Toilet GUARANTEED | DIY Plumbing Repair

How to adjust the ball and arm toilet float

Step 1: Check the water level in the toilet tank

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (4)

The ideal water level in the tank is 1 to 2 inches below the overflow pipe and fill valve.

Anything above or below this can create an imbalance in the water level.

Some tanks are marked with a line printed or etched into the porcelain, indicating the correct water level.

Make sure the water level lines up with the mark.

Step 2: Turn off the water supply

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (5)

You must ensure the toilet tank is empty before starting any adjustments.

First, turn off the water supply.

Then locate the flush handle or external valve close to the wall.

Some require you to press while others unload by turning the knob clockwise.

Using the correct method, flush to remove water from the tank.

Step 3: Check the float and fill valve

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (6)

Check the float and fill valve, as well as the height of the toilet tank float.

On the ball and arm, the float is the plastic ball.

The height of the float will determine the volume of water the tank will hold.

(Video) Adjusting Toilet Fill Valve

Make sure the float is neither too high nor too low. It must be at the water level.

Also, you need to shake the float to see if it has water inside.

In this case, the plastic is broken and you have to change it.

Step 4: Connect the float correctly to the valve

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (7)

Adjust the height of the float with a screwdriver.

The screw is usually located directly above the filler valve.

Rotating clockwise or counterclockwise will decrease or increase the height of the float.

Keep full rotation to one, as anything beyond that can lead to inconsistent flushing.

Step 5: Confirm the configuration

Once the adjustment is complete, turn the water supply back on and wait 1-2 minutes for it to fill up.

Press the lever to flush the toilet.

Pay attention to the water refill level.

Too high or too low water volume means you will have to perform the procedures again.

How to adjust cylinder toilet float

Step 1:

Follow steps 1 and 2 for the ball and arm float.

Step 2: Identify the adjustment rod

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (8)

Look inside the tank; there you will see a long, small tube that is connected to the filler valve.

(Video) DIY Toilet Bowl Float Replacement "For Dummies" Tutorial [Toilet Float Replacement]

Most models have it parallel to the valve or hanging horizontally from the top.

You will use the adjustment rod to increase or decrease the volume of water in the tank.

Make sure you are familiar with the tank setup before starting any adjustments.

Step 3 - Fit the release clip

How to set the toilet float? (step by step instructions) (9)

Identify the float release clip. The cylinder float will adjust when you squeeze a release clip to raise or lower it to the required height.

If the release clip is missing, an alternate way to adjust the float is to turn the dial up or down.

Hold the float a half inch, then use your fingers to grip the notched dial on the edge of the rod.

Maintain a full rotation by turning the rod clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease height.

Put the toilet tank lid in place once it reaches the correct height.

Do not do more than one complete rotation, as in the ball and arm float.

Step 4 – Test to confirm the process

Turn the water supply back on and wait 1-2 minutes for it to fill up. Press the lever to flush the toilet.

Pay attention to the water refill level. A water volume that is too high or too low means you will need to adjust the float again until you reach the ideal height.

Here is a video that will help you check the excess water in the toilet tank:


Learning how to adjust the toilet flow will help you avoid problems with toilet flushing and flooding. Plus, it can save you a good amount of money that would otherwise have gone into a handyman's pocket.

However, while it is quite easy to adjust the toilet float, you need to know the type of float on your toilet. This will help you to follow the correct procedure and solve your problems with too much or too little water.

(Video) How to Adjust a Toilet Float

Now that you can adjust the toilet float yourself, how about telling others that they may be having challenges keeping the water level in the toilet tank balanced?

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