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If you are thinking of buying a kitchenaid®Standing mixer, it is in the right place.If you are treating or surprising someone special, it is good to investigate a bit to find out what kitchenaid®Stand Mixer is suitable for you.

It does not matter whichKitchenaid® mixerYou choose, you may be sure that you are getting a high quality, lasting and powerful tool that will help you do what you love easily.It is our commitment to quality, innovation and style what Kitchenaid did®Mix a culinary icon between homemade chefs and professional chefs.

If you like to cook and want to prepare for success in the kitchen, this is the device for you!

Reliable for 95 years:

The iconic Kitchenkoid®The mixer settled in Greenville, Ohio, USA, in the last 95 years.This state installation of the artist produces small cooking appliances and distributes them worldwide to lovers and food professionals everywhere.Chefs recognize that Kitchenaid®He is as much in love with the kitchen as they are.

It's easy to use:

Although we are popular among chefs, it does not need to be one to use our support mixer.Both add the ingredients and the mixer does the job for you, ensuring the appropriate consistency.He is with his hands free so he can do several tasks and passing other steps from his recipe or can sit and enjoy that glass of wine while whipped cream peaks.

They are colorful:

Cooking utensil®It offers a wide variety of color options that other competitors do not.You may like Onyx or Empire Red. If you have problems deciding, do my color test at to find the right color for you.

The annex concentrator:

One of the most exciting features of the support mixer is the accessory bucket that fits more than 12 different accessories.You can cut it, cut it, juice, grind, crush and more.These versatile accessories change their support blender, which makes it much more than a mixer, but more about it later.

Easy to clean:

The enthusiasm kit likes to maintain a clean work space while the kitchen.Contrary to mixers who can spray the mixing bowl, kitchenaid®Support mixers are resistant and remain firm to reduce splash.They are also incredibly easy to clean and, as you can mix all your ingredients in a bowl, it is even faster cleaning.

All models are equipped with the basic accessories necessary to succeed in the kitchen.

Mixture- To add ingredients

Plano- For normal to heavy mixtures (pasta, butter cream coverage)

Cable- Incorporate air during the mixture (whipped cream, egg whites)

Paste hook- Mix and knead the yeast mass (pizza or bread dough)

The efficient mixture, even the mixture is easy with the action of the planetary mixture of Kitchenaid.and 72 times due to rotation (7 Qt and more mixers).

All models provide a uniform mixture, but engine power varies according to the required capacity and energy.The classic model has a 250 -watt engine, the Ultra Power Plus model has a 300 -watt engine and artisanal models have 325 watt engines.PRO 600- Series and Pro Line models are some of the most powerful, with a 575 watt engine and a high efficiency CC engine of 1.3 HP, respectively.

The control velocity lever allows you to choose between agitation, slow mixing, mixture/shock, beating/cream, fast and fast smoothies.You can even choose a configuration between two of the best settings.You will not receive the same control of any other mixer.

Everyone has different needs in the kitchen.Of course to Kitchenaid®The standing blender looks very good in her bank, but that is what she can do with him that will make her stand out in her kitchen.Although each of the 5 models shares the same iconic style and advanced technology, all vary in capacity, power, size and design.

Inclination head design:Give full access to the bowl (mango) and whisk, perfect for adding ingredients effortlessly.It is resistant and there is little or no whisper disorder, when it leans, remains above the bowl.It is lower and can easily fit low kitchen cabinets.If you have a limited space, this is the right design for you.

Bowl election design:The professional bowl design is ideal for adding ingredients and sustaining the stable mixing bowl while taking it to the explorer.This type of blender tends to have larger bowls and a more powerful engine.

No matter what your need,There is a model for you.

The classic Kitchenaid® foot blender is a popular basic model.Faithful for the name Kitchenaid, it is lasting, reliable and offers the power to do more than you love in the kitchen.The 4.5 -quarter bowl can contain up to 8 cups of flour, 6 dozen cookies, 3 bread breads or 6 pounds of potato puree.The classic model is a planetary inclination head of 59 points and is available in black or black ónito.

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Kitchenid® Ultra Power Plus mixer brings even more energy to the table than our classic model, which makes it more appropriate to prepare large quantities more frequently.A 4.5 -liter mix bowl and is available in a white or white red empire, ónix.

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Máquina t -chi d®Craftsman®M alcer is one of our most popular models due to 28 different color options.Escolk between almond cream, children, the pistachio and more.The unique color of its artisan®The standing blender can say about you and what you choose to create with it.The 5 bedroom bowl can accommodate up to 9 cups of flour, 9 dozen cookies, 4.5 bread breads or 7 pounds of potato puree.59Point Planetary Action.

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O KitchenAid Premium®Architect®The 5 -liter mixer is available in exclusive metal finishes and has a convenience belt glass bowl.A polished plane dough hook provides additional protection in use and dishwasher.This model is popular among those who like everything to coincide, as it has done.A corresponding food processor, a blender and a hand mixer.It is also perfect for freshly sought or who move/renew and want a set of appliances for their new home.

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Máquina t -chi d®The 6500 series assembly mixer is the first bowl of the bowl with a designer glass bowl.This lasting model is the best of power, performance and stability, which makes it the perfect option for heavy paste mixtures or large mixing lots.The powerful CC engine is silent and engine protection automatically closes if an overload occurs.This support mixer also has an electronic speed sensor to maintain a precise mixing speed.8 1/4 of bread.This exclusive model is available in red sweets apple, fat pearl, white, ónix black and sugar pearl silver.

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This Kitchenaid Professional series blender is a high quality unique bowling design model, high power, more powerful, more powerful and unique.If you are constantly doing large lots, this is the perfect blender for you.The 6 bedroom bowl can accommodate up to 14 cups of flour, 13 dozen cookies, 8.5 bread breads or 8 pounds of potato puree.

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Kitchenaid Pro Line® series mixer is one of the most powerful and guarantees the supreme and uniform mixture.This mixer has one of our most silent engines available and offers 17% more mixed than our 6 -liter model.Powerful and lasting allows you to mix large lots easily and with the intestine elevation design, you can easily access the bowl and its ingredients.The 7 bedroom bowl can accommodate up to 16 cups of flour, 14 dozen cookies or 8 pounds of pasta.The great advantage with this blender is its 5 -year guarantee and the corresponding awards set.

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How to choose the right blog: United, we created (8)Once you have selected your model, you can choose from a variety of color options.It currently has more than 28 hills to choose from, taking into account that each model varies in color options.From color to your kitchen or may prefer the elegant and classic black storm.

Discover my color test inwww.kitchenaidcolorology.caTo find the right color for you.

Kitchenaid's blender is much more than a 12 accessories for each model, you can do everything from Ziti apple sauce.

Create more foods with less effort using the new support support processor.

Explore the infinite possibilities with the Spreader of the blender Kitchenaid® and a sauce accessory.The lamina and the 2 -stage LADE system equipped with an extra wide feed tube reduces the preparation work, which allows you to include whole fruits, vegetables and vegetables for its nutrient - rich drinks or sauces.

This annex will turn the way you use your kitchenaid®Foot Gross or fine routine options, you can grind meats, bread, vegetables, cheese to create bags, sauces and more.

Make great homemade noodles at home with the set of rollers and noodles.You can make perfect pastry leaves for lasagna or tortellini, or you can guide it through the cutter blades (free hand) to make delicious spaghetti or fisge of fettuccine.There are 9 levels.There are 9 levels.thickness so that it can achieve exactly the way it likes them.

If you like homemade noodles and you like to be an adventurer in the kitchen, you will love the Ravioli accessory.- Create an appetizing and memorable dish.

When used with the food rage accessory, you can make succulent and salty homemade sausages quickly and easily.Choose your fresh ingredients, choose the size you would like you to go, guide them through the grinder and fill and go!

There is nothing like a glass of played juice in the place.If you prefer orange or grapefruit juice or want a fresh lemon squeery: this accessory adapts to fruits in all shapes and sizes.

Get the maximum of your grains with this accessory.Move wheat, oatmeal, corn, rice, any grain of your choice, to add texture to its fresh bread and others baked.And everything else.This is a great tool for anyone with a gluten -between free diet.

When used in combination with Kitchenaid food grinding, you can easily force fruits and vegetables for fresh sauces and jams to serve at the dining table or freeze for later use.

With this accessory, you can create up to 2 liters of any frozen dessert you want!Inspy, choose your favorite flavor and, in less than 30 minutes, you will have delicious ice cream, delicious ice cream or classic creamy ice cream.

This annex helps to make authentic and handmade pasta in minutes.Place the roller and the pin in one of the 6 noodles to reach perfectly formed spaghetti, rigatoni, loving and pasta or small or large.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheese can be surrounded, cubes or crushing in seconds with four different thick/texture options: thin, thick, thick or thin.

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