Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (2023)

Men and women are equally likely to have long eyelashes, but longer eyelashes are strongly associated with female beauty. Cartoon female characters have long eyelashes, drag queens have long eyelashes... there are many theories as to why.

For one reason or another, longer lashes make your eyes appear wider and more sexually attractive, regardless of your gender. But what if you hate wearing tons of makeup?

Well, you have 2 main options – eyelash lengthening and eyelash lifting.

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What is eyelash lifting?

Pros and cons of eyelash lifting

What are eyelash extensions?

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Differences between eyelash lift and eyelash lengthening





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Conclusion: Is Lash Lifting For You?

What is eyelash lifting?

Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (1)

An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent eyelash curling service that evolved from eyelash lengtheningEyelash perm.

Lash Lifting adds curl to your natural straight lashes using a chemical solution and a curved silicone protector that is worn for about 10 minutes. Lash lifting treatments last an average of 8-12 weeks.

What eyelashes do is like lipstick, and eyelashes can do even more: they create a contrast between the eye itself and the lid.

Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Pros and cons of eyelash lifting


  • First, elevators look a lot more natural. You're using your natural lashes and only maximizing their potential - looks like you're using a really good eyelash curler all the time.
  • Lash Lifting perfects the position of the lashes, making them cleaner and easier to mascara.
  • There can be less irritation with lifts because you're only treating the natural hairs on your lashes instead of gluing things to your lashes.
  • Maintenance comes about every 8 to 12 weeks with a lash lift, so it's much easier to keep it up.
  • If your lash lift treatment is fading, it's not too obvious and it's easy to use mascara in the meantime! Your lashes will naturally look less curled over time.

In contrast

  • First of all, you need naturally long eyelashes. If your lashes are already short, there's only so much you can do - you're probably better off with eyelash extensions. An eyelash lift for short eyelashes is only carried out to a limited extent.
  • Eyelash lengthening is not possible after an eyelash lift. If you're looking for a dramatic and glamorous look, stick with plain old mascara.
  • Your natural lashes could be damaged, so you should always schedule your appointment with a professional esthetician.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (2)

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Eyelash extensions are essentially individual synthetic eyelashes that are attached to natural eyelashes using medical-grade glue. 🇧🇷1]

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They come in a variety of sizes and styles to customize a wide range of subtle and dramatic looks.

However, since they are applied to real lashes, they usually fall off within a month due to the natural lash cycle.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions


  • Eyelash extensions give you a more dramatic and glamorous look every day you use them. They are great for weddings and special occasions where beauty is the key.
  • You never have to apply mascara! The extensions alone add a touch of beauty to your eyes.

In contrast

  • You have to make sure they are applied by a well trained beauty technician otherwise they could look awful or damage your natural lashes.
  • There is always a risk that the medical grade adhesive will irritate your eyes or skin.
  • You can never "soften up" your makeup look - you're 100% glamorous, 100% of the time. Not ideal if you might have an interview.
  • High Maintenance – Eyelash extensions need to be replaced every few weeks with constant touch-ups in between. It can get expensive and time consuming.

Differences between eyelash lift and eyelash lengthening


Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (3)

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Lifting is much less expensive than lengthening. Eyelash lifts range from $75-$150 and can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks - my salon in particular offers an eyelash lift and tint service for as little as $115.

Eyelash lengthening treatment, on the other hand, costs as much as $250 and lasts as little as 1 month or even less.


In an eyelash lift, the upper and lower eyelashes are separated and the eyelashes are swung with a lifting solution using a silicone pad for around 8 to 12 minutes. After that, a setting solution and an eyelash conditioner will help to set the eyelashes and keep them in good condition.

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, is a time-consuming process (it usually takes a few hours) that involves gluing synthetic fibers one by one to your real lashes.

In general, eyelash lifts are much easier and take much less time.


Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (5)

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Image source: Sugarlash Pro

While both lash lifts and lengthening use chemicals and adhesives, lash lifts only use them briefly during the appointment and then remove them.

However, eyelash extensions require you to wear medical-grade glue for weeks. Using glue for such a long period of time can increase the chances of irritation and bad reactions.

Here at Sunday Beauty Boutique we useSugarlash Pro Lash Lift 360 for our eyelash lift appointments. The product comes complete with a conditioning solution to condition the lashes. 🇧🇷2]


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Image source: Getty Images

There's no denying that extensions expand the range of makeup styles and lash shapes you can flaunt. You can choose a subtle one"I only wear mascara"fancy, overly glamorous look or style.

You could look like Kim K at the Met Gala any day if you wanted to!

On the other hand, lifts can only curl and lengthen your natural lashes, so the potential for customizing dramatic styles is limited to what your mom gave you and your dental technician's expertise.

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Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (7)

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Lash lifts tend to have a greater impact on your eyes because they naturally make them look fuller, bigger and prettier - it's easy to think that your lashes are naturally long and curly.

On the other hand, extensions tend to look artificial and contrived (because they are!). If your goal is to look like a natural beauty, facelift is definitely the way to go for most people.


As Elle magazine put it, lash lifts are "delightfully low-maintenance."

You may want to consider using nutritious products such asEyeEnvy as a conditioner for your eyelashes, but you basically live your life normally and apply mascara if you like. Just do it again after 8-12 weeks!

Extensions, on the other hand, require you to sleep soundly, clean or comb your lashes regularly, and avoid contact with oil-based products that could damage the glue.

It really limits you in terms of makeup, moisturizers, and lotions. Typically, you will also need to replace the renewals every 1 month or less.

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Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions: The Simple Reason Lifts Are Better (9)

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Image Credit: Ashley Van Beauty

In general, eyelash extension treatments are tougher on the eyes because they use an incredibly strong adhesive that sticks to your natural lashes.

Allergies and false reactions are rare but can develop over time. You will sometimes notice that your eyes are a little irritated and red after the treatment, but this usually goes away within an hour or so. As with anything, you just have to be careful and watch how your body reacts to the treatment.

The Sugarlash Pro Lash Lift 360 products that we use here at Sunday Beauty Boutique are gentle on the skin and work best for most clients. In rare cases clients may find that the skin around the eyes is too sensitive for eyelash extensions or lifting, in which case we would stop the treatment immediately.

Lash Lifting adds curl to your natural straight lashes using a chemical solution and a curved silicone protector that is worn for about 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Is Lash Lifting For You?

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts!

If you have a big event, vacation, or you don't mind the expense and maintenance of eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions might be the way to go.

However, if you are looking for fuller lashes with more volume and are easy to care for, then an eyelash lift is for you.

Here at the Sunday Beauty Boutique we do itbest eyelash lifting and tinting servicesfor only $115.

With an eyelash lift and eyelash tint, we curl your eyelashes for you and color them with a special dye, giving you longer, darker and curlier eyelashes naturally.

Say goodbye to your eyelash curler!


(Video) ALL ABOUT LASHES // Eyelash Lifts VS. Extensions // WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOU // Personal Experience

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2. https://www.sugarlashpro.com/collections/lashlift360


Which is better for your lashes a lift or extensions? ›

Bottom line: if you want to get something once and not have to think about it again, then a lash lift would be your best option. However, if you want something longer-lasting and don't mind a bit of upkeep, go for eyelash extensions.

Are lash lifts or lash extensions worse? ›

Lash extensions require much more care and maintenance than lash lifts do. We recommend returning for a re-lash or maintenance appointment every 2-4 weeks to maintain your best look. Doing so will allow you to keep that beautiful, eye-popping lash appearance for much longer than you would get with lash lifts.

Are lash lifts better? ›

Lash lifts are more permanent – you kind of need to let them grow out, which can take a couple of months, and there's usually a stage around week 5-6 where they look a little less then lovely, as some will be lifted, and others (new lashes that have grown in) will not be.

What is the difference between lash lift and lash extensions? ›

There is one main difference between the two services. lash lifts use a product to make your lashes look fuller. With eyelash extensions, you are actually adding a lash-like hair addition to your eyelash. They are like hair extensions, but for your eyelashes!

How long do eyelash lifts last? ›

In general, a lash lift lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks, but this can vary depending on your lashes and the type of lash lift you choose. With proper care, you may be able to extend the life of your lash lift to 6 weeks. But not all lash lifts are the same.

Why eyelash extensions are better? ›

Eyelash extensions add volume to the natural lash line and can lift the face and make people appear more youthful. It's no secret societal beauty standards applaud long, thick eyelashes, and with extensions, you can enhance your natural beauty without the use of makeup or other beauty products.

Do lash lifts cause damage? ›

Will a lash lift damage your eyelashes? The short answer: no. You just need to go to a certified technician who knows exactly what they're doing, which is why Brown encourages people to do their research before booking an appointment.

Do lash lifts cause long term damage? ›

Getting a lash lift is best compared to coloring your hair: It's not the best thing for your hair, but it won't hurt it as long as you do it in moderation. If you go to a licensed and certified professional and wait at least six weeks between services, the procedure doesn't do any harm.

What are the pros and cons of a lash lift? ›

Lash Lift Pros and Cons
  • Lash lifts can make your eyes look bigger. ...
  • Lash lifts don't require touch-ups. ...
  • Lash lifts are more affordable than lash extensions. ...
  • A lash lift doesn't mean sacrificing your favorite mascara. ...
  • Lash lift results don't last too long. ...
  • The success of the treatment depends on your natural lashes.

Which lash lift is best? ›

10 best lash lift kits
  1. Best overall: Clione Cruelty-free Lash Kit. What is this? ...
  2. Best professional: Lash Stuff's Professional Keratin Lash Lift. ...
  3. Best budget: Silksence Lash Lift Kits. ...
  4. Vassoul Lash Lift Kits. ...
  5. Lomansa Permamia Lash Perm Kit. ...
  6. Ayasal Luxury Lash Lift. ...
  7. Elevate Lash Lamination. ...
  8. Libeauty Lash Perm and Tint Kit.
6 Oct 2022

What are the benefits of lash lifts? ›

A Lash Lift will make your lashes look longer with a nice lifting effect, making your eyes look amazing. The results will last the natural life cycle of your lashes. It doesn't damage your lashes but infract, make them appear thicker, fuller, and longer.

Is a lash lift good for your eyes? ›

The perming solution can also cause blisters and rashes around the eyes, resulting in a loss of lashes. This leaves your eyes vulnerable to dust and bacteria, increasing probability of infections. In more serious cases, lash lifts can cause chemical-induced blepharitis.

How can I make my eyelash lift last longer? ›

Tips to Make Your Lash Lift Last Longer and Look Better
  1. Skip the water and makeup for 24 hours.
  2. Don't pair other beauty treatments with your lift.
  3. Use only gentle and mild skincare products.
  4. Invest in a quality lash serum or conditioner.
  5. Avoid waterproof mascara with your lash lift.
10 Feb 2021

How much difference does lash lift make? ›

One of the simplest ways to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the quick, painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you seem more youthful and awake. Plus, your lashes will get that sexy curl and flutter you've always wanted!

How much does lash lift Cost? ›

How Much Eyelash Lifts Cost. As with pretty much all beauty services, the price varies based on where you live and the salon you visit. Generally speaking, plan to shell out $125 to $175 for a lash lift.

Can you put mascara on a lash lift? ›

The short answer is yes!

No matter what type of eyelashes you have, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use mascara to enhance the lift that's giving your lashes life.

How many times can you get a lash lift? ›

You can get lash lifts as often as you would like since there is no maximum number of times the procedure can be done. However, you should wait for the recommended interval of 4 weeks between each lash lift.

Are eyelash extensions good or bad? ›

When correctly applied by a licensed and trained professional, eyelash extensions are a safe way to enhance the look of natural lashes. When incorrectly applied or with the wrong adhesive, they can cause discomfort, infection, and permanent lash loss.

How long do lash extensions stay on? ›

Because extensions are attached to the lash itself, they last as long as the natural growth cycle, or about six weeks.

Who would benefit from eyelash extensions? ›

Yes ladies AT ALL TIMES! You could go for a more natural feel or something dramatic, but whatever you select, they'll enhance your lashes for the better! These beauties last for about 6 weeks and need short time touch-ups after that for upkeep. Bid farewell to you falsies and mascara for long!

Why you shouldn't get a lash lift? ›

Aestheticians warn that Lash Lift should NOT be performed if a person has a history of eye allergies, eye infections, styes, sensitive eyes, watery eyes, or chronic dry eye.

What happens if you cry with lash lift? ›

You can cry a day after having a lash lift done without spoiling your results. However, avoid crying in the 24 hours after your procedure to give the results time to set properly, as wetting your lashes during this period counteracts the solution that keeps them lifted and curled.

How do you prepare for a lash lift? ›

Preparing for your lash lift appointment
  1. Remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes before your appointment.
  2. Avoid curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
  3. Stop using waterproof mascara 48 hours before your procedure since it leaves behind unwanted residue.
9 Sept 2021

What celebrities get lash lifts? ›

An LVL lash lift. One of 2022's biggest beauty trends turns out to be LVL lashes, a popular treatment among celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, Rochelle Humes, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Mila Kunis, who have all been showcasing seriously long lashes on the red carpet.

Are lash lifts more expensive? ›

Cost. Lifting is much more cost-effective than extensions. Lash lifts cost anywhere from $75 to $150 and can last 8-12 weeks — my salon in particular provides a lash lift and tint service for just $115. Eyelash extension treatment, on the other hand, costs up to $250 and lasts for only 1 month, or even less.

Do lash lifts work on everyone? ›

If you've got naturally curly, long lashes, you probably won't see much benefit from having a lash lift. Same goes if you just can't be effed and are happy to achieve the same result by curling your lashes and applying mascara.

How do you wash your face with an eyelash lift? ›

Wash the lower half of your face the way you usually do, and use a wet cotton pad to clean the area around your eyes and your forehead. From day 3, you can splash water on your eyes as much as you want – water can't damage your lash lift anymore.

How long should you not drink water after a lash lift? ›

Water or moisture should not come in with your lashes for at least 24 hours after a lash lift because water will alter the disulphide bonds in the hair's cortex once they have set via chemical change. Here's another way to understand this. A lovely blow dry will drop in the rain or once you wash your hair again.

Do lashes continue to curl after a lift? ›

So, if you find that your lash lift is too curly, it is probably because either the perm solution was left on too long or too much was used. Lastly, it's important to know that your eyelashes WILL NOT continue to curl after a lash lift.

Do lash extensions damage your lashes? ›

If your lash extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes to be able to support, this can cause your lashes to shed prematurely, which can impact their natural growth cycle. Lash extensions that are too heavy for your natural lashes can cause your lashes to grow back thinner and lead to natural lash loss.

Which is more expensive lash lift or lash extensions? ›

Lifting is much more cost-effective than extensions. Lash lifts cost anywhere from $75 to $150 and can last 8-12 weeks — my salon in particular provides a lash lift and tint service for just $115. Eyelash extension treatment, on the other hand, costs up to $250 and lasts for only 1 month, or even less.

Should you get a lash lift before extensions? ›

Of course, you would want to get the lash lift & tint done before the extensions. The lash lift creates a natural curl to your lashes so that the eyelash extensions can form to your lashes better (this is especially great for people with straight lashes so that they don't stick out under the extensions).

Do lash lifts make your eyelashes thinner? ›

Leaving the lash lift solution on for too long can ruin your lashes. The solution contains chemicals that break down the proteins in your lashes, making them weaker and more likely to fall out. In addition, the solution can also cause irritation and inflammation.

Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions? ›

You can wear mascara with eyelash extensions. However, you should only wear mascara with classic eyelash extensions and not with hybrid or volume lashes. Also, You should avoid waterproof mascara on lash extensions because it's difficult to take off. Instead, go for a water-based solution.

Why you shouldnt do lash extensions? ›

risks of eyelash extensions

swelling. temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes. skin irritation of the eyelid. infection of the eyelid or cornea.

Why are my eyelashes so short after extensions? ›

Short stubby natural lashes after extensions are a result of poor application. Things like wrong adhesion issues, application on baby lashes, haphazard growth, and uneven weight, length, or curl are the results of it. Don't worry, it's not just you. In fact, it's a pretty common problem of poor application.

How often should you lash lift? ›

A lash lift will begin to naturally drop after about 2 months and your lashes will be back to their natural look. The lashes should drop evenly and will not look out of place. You can repeat the treatment after a minimum of one month if you feel you need to, or you can wait until they are back to their natural state.

Should I get lash extensions or a lash lift Reddit? ›

If your lashes are less than 8mm most salons recommend getting extensions instead of a lash lift. However one thing to consider is the shape of your eye and natural curvature of your lashes. You can't put extensions on top of a lash lift.

When should you not do lash lift? ›

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Eyelashes Lifted

Avoid using waterproof mascara or curl your lashes 2-4 days before your treatment. If you must bend, girl live your life, but not the day ahead! No eye makeup on the day of your appointment, for instance, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner etc.

Can you put mascara on lash lift? ›

It's best to wait at least 24 hours before wearing any mascara or any eye makeup at all. Most mascara contains oil that can break down your lash lift. After that, you want to do your best to make the lift last as long as possible.

Can I still wear lashes with a lash lift? ›

Avoid wearing stick-on and magnetic false lashes with a lash lift. The false lashes put pressure on your natural lashes, weakening the lash lift's lifting, and curling effect. Removing stick-on false lashes can also make a lash lift fall flat, especially if you scrub and use an oil-based cleanser.

Can lash lifts damage your eyes? ›

Can you damage your eyes by doing an at-home lash lift? YES! You can cause permanent damage to your eyes and even blindness by doing an at- home lash lift. You can get exposure keratopathy, leading to corneal ulcers and infection, and permanent corneal scarring leaving you with poor vision.

How do you remove an eyelash lift? ›

Remove the perm solution using a cotton pad to soak it off your eyelashes. Do not pull on your eyelashes while doing this. Pressing the cotton pad gently on top of your lashes will usually do the trick. Using another spoolie, apply a nourishing oil to your lashes.


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