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DUPLI-COLOR Car Colors Auto-Color (Combi) The proven combination system for numerous applications: high-quality acrylic paint for painting and painting on the car and for much more, for example at home: for DIY, decoration and handicrafts metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramics , cardboard and many hard plastics. In industry: thanks to quick-drying quality and numerous RAL shades. Particularly suitable for consumption due to the durable acrylic quality and the simple application at a high technical level. With the help of the AUTO-COLOR color program (YYM No. 998 49 98) it is very easy to find the right shade. high-quality acrylic high color fidelity quick-drying free of lead and cadmium long-lasting shine weatherproof very good color fastness (slight) UV-resistant (no yellowing) polished - dirt-sensitive surface good flow, smooth surface suitable for painting and repairing objects indoors and outdoors very good opacity Excellent adhesion High surface hardness combined with good elasticity Scratch, shock and impact resistant Sensitive to dirt due to the particularly smooth surface Metallic effect paints and pearl tones must be sealed with clear paint after at least 30 minutes! Manufacturer search number: 8-0400 Packaging: Paint Contents: 12 ml Note: It is recommended to carry out a color comparison before each painting, because: Color tolerances occur in the production of cars at different production sites. Different years of construction and wear and tear of older paint can lead to different color nuances of the actually identical color. These color deviations cannot be ruled out. Original manufacturer colour: colour: 0001-P38 ACURA colour: 001 ACURA colour: 001-P38 ACURA colour: 826 ACURA colour: NH-547 ACURA colour: 601 ALFA ROMEO colour: 817 ALFA ROMEO colour: 901 ALFA ROMEO colour: 905 ALPHA ROMEO Colour: 913 ALFA ROMEO Colour: 914 ALFA ROMEO Colour: 915 ALFA ROMEO Colour: P1 AMC Colour: R19 AMC Colour: AM4273 ASTON MARTIN Colour: 041 AUDI Colour: 4015 AUDI Colour: 9000 AUDI Colour: 9004 AUDI Colour: A1 AUDI Colour: A2 AUDI Color: L041 AUDI Color: LY9B AUDI Color: 9TL AWD Color: 416 BLMC Color: 807 BLMC Color: BLVC4150 BLMC Color: LRC416 BLMC Color: PAK BLMC Color: PCC BLMC Color: PCF BLMC Color: PDC BLMC Color: PDE BLMC Color: PDH BLMC Color: PDT BLMC Color: PMA BLMC Color: PMF BLMC Color: PUE BLMC Color: REB BLMC Color: Black Color: 668 BMW Color: DT4004 CHRYSLER Color: DT4014 CHRYSLER Color: DX8 CHRYSLER Color: FX6 CHRYSLER Color: FX7 CHRYSLER Color: HX5 CHRYSLER Color: MX3 CHRYSLER Color: PX1 CHRYSLER Color: PX2 CHRYSLER Color: PX2 CHRYSLER Color: PX3 CHRYSLER Color: PX5 CHRY S LER Color: PX6 CHRYSLER Color: PX8 CHRYSLER Color: PX8 CHRYSLER Color: PX9 CHRYSLER Color: PXT CHRYSLER Color: QX3 CHR YSLER Color: QX5 CHRYSLER Color: QX6 CHRYSLER Color: QX8 CHRYSLER Color: QX9 CHRYSLER Color: QXT CHRYSLER Color: TX9 CHRYSLER Color: : VXT CHRYSLER Color: X13 CHRYSLER Color: X15 CHRYSLER Color: X21 CHRYSLER Color: X3 CHRYSLER Color: X8 CHRYSLER Color: X9 CHRYSLER Color: X94 CHRYSLER Color: XT CHRYSLER Color: 200 CITROEN Color: EXY CITROEN Color: EXYB CITROEN Color: GYA CITROEN Color: 80L DAEWOO Color: 0070510- DAF Color: 0527048- DAF Color: 0527061- DAF Color: 0754005 - DAF Color: 47600 DAF Color: 529491 Manufacturer: DAF Color: 6031 DAF Color: 6062 DAF Color: H3326 DAF Color: H3613 DAF Color: 202 DAIHATSU Color: X09 DAIHATSU Color: 20-B-619 DE TAMASO Color: 5201-619 DE TOMASO Color: 619 DE TOMASO Color: 1240 FERRARI Color: 1250 FERRARI Color: 20-B-619 FERRARI Color : 5201- 619 FERRARI Color: 619 FERRARI Color: 145 FIAT Color: 601 FIAT Color: 601 FIAT Color: 601 FIAT F Color: 12 FORD AMERICA Color: 1C FORD AMERICA Color: 1R FORD AMERICA Color: 1W FORD AMERICA Color: 24S FORD AMERICA Color: AD FORD AMERICA Color: BX FORD AMERICA Color: C1 FORD AMERICA Color: M0632 FORD AMERICA Color: M1724 FORD AM ERICA Color: M5554 FORD AMERICA Color: M6018 FORD AMERICA Color: M6373 FORD AMERICA Color: M6373 FORD AMERICA Color: M6877 FORD AMERICA Color: M7032 FORD AMERICA Color: OA FORD AMERICA Color: R4 FORD AMERICA Color: UA FORD AMERICA Color: UB FORD AMERICA Color: UD FORD AMERICA Color: XY2 FORD AMERICA Color: Y4 FORD AMERICA Color: YC FORD AMERICA Color: YD FORD AMERICA Color: 9 FORD EUROPE Color: A FORD EUROPE Color: A0 FORD EUROPE Color: A1 FORD EUROPE Color: A2 FORD EUROPE Color: A3 FORD EUROPE Color: A9 FORD EUROPE Color: XSC632A FORD EUROPE Color: Z FORD EUROPE Color: 0601P FSO Color: GAZ4000 GAZ (VOLGA) Color: 09 GENERAL Color: 19 GENERAL Color: 19A GENERAL Color: 19U GENERAL Color: 20 GENERAL Color: 41 GENERAL Color: 41A GENERAL Color: 41L GENERAL A color: 41U GE General Color: 48 General Color: 80l General Color: Wa168d General Color: WA5118 Color: WA848 General Color: Wa9303 General Color: Wa9333 General Color: Wa9588 General Color: Wa990a General Color: 001 HONDA Color: 826 HONDA Color: NH-505 HONDA Color: NH-547 HONDA Color: NH-547Y HONDA Color: EB HYUNDAI Color: 701G INFINITI Color: KH3 INFINITI Color: 212063 INNOCENTI Color: 2427057 INNOCENTI Color: 4Z16700 INNOCENTI Colour: 601 INNOCENTI Colour: : 601/Y INNOCENTI Colour: 41 ISUZU Colour: 826 ISUZU Colour: 866 ISUZU Colour: KH3 ISUZ.U Colour: KH3 ISUZ.U U8555 ISUZU Colour: WA8555 ISUZU Colour: 113 IVECO Colour: 248 IVECO Colour : 807 JAGUAR Colour: PCF JAGUAR Colour: PDC JAGUAR Colour: : PDE JAGUAR Colour: PDH JAGUAR Colour: PDT JAGUAR Colour: PMA JAGUAR Colour: EB KIA Colour: 601 LADA Colour: 20-B-619 LAMBORGHINI Colour: 231524 LAMBORGHINI Colour: 5201-619 LAMBORGHINI colour: 619 LAMBORGHINI colour: 145 LANCIA color be: 601 LANCIA- Color: 916 LANCIA- Color: 416 LAND ROVER Color: 92 1 LAND ROVER Color: LRC416 LAND ROVER Color: PUE LAND ROVER Color: 202 LEXUS Color: 202 LEXUS Color: 212 LEXUS Color: A02 LOTUS Color: B02 LOTUS Color: MAG4010 MAGNUM Color: 20-B-619 MASERATI Color: 231536 MASERATI Color: 231-551 MASERATI Color: 2-877- MASERATI Color: 619 MASERATI Color: 14K MAZDA Color: A2K MAZDA Color: A2X MAZDA Color: GT MAZDA Color: OO MAZDA Color: UA MAZDA Color: YC MAZDA Color: 040 MERCEDES BENZ Color: 901 MERCEDES BENZ Color: 9040 MERCEDES BENZ Color: 668 MINI Color: AC10021 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10085 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10515 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10657 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10705 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10790 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10813 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10894 MITSUBISHI Color: AC10903 MITSUBISHI Color: MITSUBISHI Color: MITSUBISHI Cor16 3 AC11166 MITSUBISHI Color: EB0 MITSUBISHI Color: X05 MITSUBISHI Color: X13 MITSUBISHI Color: X15 MITSUBISHI Color: X19 MITSUBISHI Color: X19 MITSUBISHI Color: X19 MITSUBISHI Color: X32 MI TSUBISHI Color: X57 MITSUBISHI Color: X63 MITSUBISHI Color: X66 MITSUBISHI Color: X66 MITSUBISHI Color: X94 MITSUBISHI Color: 505 NISSAN Color: GL1 NISSAN Color: KH3 NISSAN Color: KK5 NISSAN Color: YC NISSAN Color: 07L OPEL Color: 18U OPEL Color : 200 OPEL Colour: 20W OPEL Colour: 280 OPEL Colour: 41U OPEL Colour: 59 OPEL Colour: 80 OPEL Colour: 826 OPEL Colour: 8555 OPEL Colour: 9255 OPEL Colour: 951 OPEL Colour: J4L OPEL Colour: UY OPEL Colour: VZ OPEL Colour: AVN PEUGEOT Colour: AXN PEUGEOT Colour: AXY PEUGEOT Colour: EXY PEUGEOT Colour: : EXYB PEUGEOT Colour: P0XY PEUGEOT Colour: P3XY PEUGEOT Colour: 94 PIAGGIO Colour: P877 / 41 PIAGGIO Colour: P9 / 11 PIAGGIO Colour: 041 PORSCHE Color: 700 PORSCHE Color: 719 PORSCHE Color: 741 PORSCHE Color: 747 PORSCHE Color: A1 PORSCHE Color: A2 PORSCHE Color: LY9B PORSCHE Color: 9005 RAL GLOSSY / Color: REL4660 RELIANT Color: 655 RENAULT Color: 694 RENAULT Color: 699 RENAULT Color: 00699 RENAULT RVI Color: 670IS RENAULT RVI Color: 95.00.701 ROLLS ROYCE Color: 95.20. 091 ROLLS ROYCE Colour: BLVC4150 ROVER Colour: PAK ROVER Colour: PCC ROVER Colour: : PCF ROVER Colour: PDC ROVER Colour: PDE ROVER Colour: PMA ROVER Colour: PMF ROVER Colour: REB ROVER Colour: 170 SAAB Colour: 41 SATURN Colour: WA8555 SATURN Color: 1366658 SCANIA Color: 1427485 SCANIA Color: 1700664 SCANIA Color: SCA4005 SCANIA Color: 041 SEAT Color: 041 SEAT Color: 081 SEAT Color: 081 SEAT Color: 601 SEAT Color: A1A1 SEAT Color: 1999 SKODA Color: SKODA F9S Color: L199 SKODA Color: KB SSANG YONG Color: SS242 STANDARD Color: 074 SUBARU/FUJI Color: 204 SUBARU/FUJI Color: 574 SUBARU/FUJI Color: 74 SUBARU/FUJI Color: 0CE SUZUKI Color: 0F5 SUZUKI Color: 1SC SUZUKI Color : 21F SUZUKI Color: P3XY TALBOT Color: PXY TALBOT Color: 60 1 TOFAS Color: 601 TOFAS Color: 026 TOYOTA Color: 202 TOYOTA Color: 212 TOYOTA Color: 41U TOYOTA Color: 44U TOYOTA Color: KA3 TOYOTA Color: WA8555 TOYOTA Color: 202 TOYOTA Color: 202 TOYOTA Color: 07L VAUXHALL Color: 200 VAUXHALL Color: 20W VAUXHALL Color: 80L VAUXHALL Colour: 826 VAUXHALL Colour: 200072 VENTURI Colour: 041 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 4015 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 9000 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: A1 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: A1 VOLKWAGEN L041 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: LY9B VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 275 VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN 2 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 275 VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN 2 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 275 VOLKSWAGEN Colour: 07 VOLKSWAGEN 275 VOLKSWAGEN Color: L845 VOLKSWAGEN 1701 VOLVO Color: 19 VOLVO Color: 318 VOLVO Color: VOL4000 VOLVO Color: VOLVO Y423 VOLVO Color: 3ONG VOL5 LOUE

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