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Foot blenders are a versatile cooking device.You can use them for several tasks, with the mixture of ingredients baking one of the most popular usage purposes.This guide teaches you how you can make the best of your foot mixer.I also recorded Fabulous recipes!

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A standing mixer is a kitchen tool that has existed for a long time.

I examined a little about the Standing Mixer and did you know that this exercise cooking tool was invented about 100 years ago?The first mixer that was never built was 80 rooms and was used in Marine slaughter ships in the First World War.

That remains far from the 26 pounds thatMein MixerIt weighs!And you have to love the color options for today's mixers, right?That?theSpiralizationThe practical accessories are the best for the pasta manufacturer!

Let's take a look at how to use a standing mixer so that you can make your most.

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What standing mixer size do I need?

I use that5 -Quartal mixer.Central the perfect size for the tasks for which I use them, e.g.B. mixing the filling forSweet potato cakeor impressivePig TealesThe 5 -quarter bowl is fair to the right size.

Let's take a look at it in a series of cookies.My mixer produces about 9 dozen cookies (and 4 bread bread and 7 pound potato puree for themGreat holiday meeting), while the 4.5 -quarter mixer produces 7 dozen cookies.The 3.5 quarter of the mixers.

The forces of the engines are different, A.MI Blector, in325 WattIt's just perfect.And you can choose between 20 colors, from Lima -Grün to a really pleasant sky blue.It's really great and fun.

Differences to the lifting and inclination head model of the bowl

You can select a bowl model or a Neierkopf head model.There are a few points here:

  • The inclination head mixer measures 14.0 ".
  • The height of the bowl of the bowl can be 16 7/16 "to 17".
  • These heights can cause a difference depending on how low their worktop cabins are.
  • If you want easy access to the whisk, you may want the Tilt Head model.
  • Some love the appearance of the appearance blender, but they find the bowl a little more complicated than when using the inclination version.
  • With the bowl of the bowl, the bowl is in the arms of the mixer and increases it with a lever.
  • With the head of the inclination, the bowl adheres to the base.

To consider things when choosing a standing mixer

If you plan to use your mixer very much like me, you should take some considerations into account.There are different versions, but I will not enter all the details.For example, you have the classic mixer, the manual mixer and the manual mixer and the classic more in the KitchenAid brand.Look at a look here:

  • You may want a dumping sign to avoid splashes and can be bought for any model with the exception of GLA Bowl models.
  • Some people like to have additional shells if they do tasks, e.g.B.Jaw.You can buy transparent glass bowls, ceramics and stainless steel.However, some shells are only set to the inclination model, while others fit into the bowl of the bowl.
  • You can have a mixed bowl with a handle or without.It is her preference, but it depends on the model.
  • The bathers are excessive in covered or burned aluminum bathrooms with the dishwasher (the aluminum snow reserve must be washed by hand).
  • If the color selection is important to you, the manual model in the KitchenAid brand has the most color options.

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Tips for using a standing mixer

Are you looking for tips and tricks to use your mixer?

  • Read the manual:Of course, some think that reading the manual is a time paste.But it is something important (and useful!) At the same time and good information.
  • Start at low speed:Always start a low speed and progress task.This helps to spray ingredients in the kitchen!
  • Do not scratch scraping:This is tempting, but it's really not a good idea.Only a spatula film, and you can fold the drivers from the mold.
  • Set the dough:This is one of the reasons to read the manual.It will learn to mix the whipper well and not to touch the background of the bowl.
  • Pick up the hinge:This is not always necessary, but if the mixing head changes and shakes, just turn the mixer side and press the pen (the manual, my friends, show you how).
  • Turn the bathing ceaes:As soon as its mixture is combined, lift the bathers with the mixer in low and then up to turn the mixture and reduce the waste.
  • Use a towel:Use a towel to prevent the ingredients from leaving the bowl if you turn it on and the flour outside the bowl outside the bowl.Simply put a clean kitchen towel on the bowl.
  • Cool the bowl:Cooling the bowl and bathers really makes a difference.Whipped creamIt's super spongy with great spines!
  • Invest in a silicone scraper:Silicone scrapers are best to scratch the bowl.
  • Save your things carefully:Saving accessories in the bowl is super intelligent and great space savings.Form a stainless steel bowl with a towel to avoid scratches.
  • Buy attachments:Who can resist all brilliant attachments?Would you like to learn to use a standing mixer?Buy funny things like the paste manufacturer and the meat mill.

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Opportunities to use your foot mixer

I said beforehand that the standing mixer was versatile and I said it seriously!I use mine for almost everything.Sometimes I use mineVitamixPresentSlower saucepan, ÖI can immediatelyBut a standing mixer also works well.I have listed 10 options to use your mixer here!

  1. Crush meat: Use the whisk to crush cooked meatthrown pork.Genial!
  2. Chicken squeezing -Preparation of the foodIt is even more efficient if the chicken crushes in his mixer.
  3. Mix beef -Make a hamburgerFor the grill?Use your standing mixer to combine the ingredients.
  4. Patriz de Puree, do I have to say more?Creamy andDelicious potatoes <–Yum.
  5. Make guacamole - loveGuacamoleYou can quickly prepare yourself in the mixer.
  6. Mix Dip -I have to love the immersionFor the Super Bowl!
  7. Make cinnamon rolls: you can use your dough sauce or a delicious glazeCinnamon rollers.
  8. Make quick breads -Calabacin bread chocolateHe is incredible and moist.
  9. Create tortillas: Sometimes I mix the ingredients for myselfTortillasIn my standing mixer.
  10. Make a sauce - aSalsaIt can be mixed in the mixer or in the mixer.

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More recipes from stands mixers

I love I loveMy standing mixerThese are some of the recipes in which my standing mixer makes the recipe perfect!

  • Crema keto caseer
  • Zucchini Noodles
  • Sweet potato cake
  • Pig Teales
  • Healthy lemon bars
  • The best pumpkin pie from scratch to new
  • Rolls Hoagie
  • Healthy ginger
  • 15 minutes of simple pumpkin ice cream
  • Extended house pepper cheese

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