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Express yourself and take care of your hair with Arctic Fox, now available from Avon

My daughter has been dying her hair for years using both homemade dye kits and traditional cosmetic store hair dyes. She often chooses very bright, vibrant colors. When Avon announced our partnership with Arctic Fox I was excited to try Arctic Fox semi permanent hair color and see how it compares to products they have used in the past.

Its natural tone is a medium brown (around level 5) and its current color is a medium red, around the same level.See below for more information on the levels.

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His target color was a more vivid shade of pink. One of the main differences between Arctic Fox and other vibrant hair colors is that no developer is used, so the color is not lightened at all, just new color is applied. Since she started with a medium to dark color and didn't want to pre-lighten her hair, she opted for darker shades from Arctic Fox Color. Lighter shades would not have given her the vibrant results she wanted. He chose Arctic Fox in the shade Wrath and mixed it with the shade Purple AF. He used 4 parts Wrath to 1 part Purple AF and got exactly the tone he was looking for.

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(Video) Arctic Fox Hair Dye: Tips for using it and a little review

These are some of his observations about the product and the dyeing process.

  • There's a lot of pigment, so you'll want to make sure you wipe up any droplets on surfaces and quickly wipe any skin color to avoid staining. This was similar to other bright colors she had used.
  • The color has a pleasant grape aroma. Much nicer than the typical chemical smell of most hair dye.
  • No mixing is required unless you are mixing multiple shades to create a custom color.
  • The product has a thicker consistency than at-home hair color kits and is easy to apply to the hair like a conditioner without dripping. Applying with a paint application brush would also have worked well.
  • Her hair felt smooth and conditioned after coloring.

About Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair color

At Avon, we believe in supporting brands that do good. So we are happy to announce that we are now offeringPolarfuchsCabellocolor and care- Do-it-yourself hair color and conditioner that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and formulated from natural ingredients.

Plus, with Arctic Fox's semi-permanent hair dye collection, you can "do it yourself" in a new shade while giving back to the animals! Arctic Fox will donate 15% of its net profits to charities to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare. .#DyeForACuse

Get ready for color with 10 imaginative shades, from pretty pastels to brilliant Technicolors, and this new collection has everything you need from start to finish - you can even add onebleADrain Kitif you want to pre-lighten your hair. So start expressing yourself with color while feeling good about giving back through Arctic Fox, now on Avon! #AvonxAF

Vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color.

Arctic Fox products are made from natural ingredients that contain no drying alcohols, PPDs, or harsh chemicals. After two years of dedicated research and development, a highly pigmented color formula has been developed that is less bleeding and prevents staining. All colors will fade, but not all will fade equally. AF is formulated to fade within the original color spectrum, so as the color lightens, the hues are still the beautiful hues you intended. AF hair care products are also vegan and cruelty-free, contain no harsh chemicals and are made with your hair's health in mind. Better results with pre-lightened hair

About hair levels and what to expect from semi-permanent hair color

How do you know what level your hair is at? When we talk about the "level" of your hair, it's just a standardized way to identify the lightness of your hair. When using semi-permanent hair color, your hair color is an integral part of the end result. Whatever shade you desire, you will find helpful tips when it comes to achieving the "hair of your dreams".

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Arctic Fox Purple AF Semi Permanent Hair Color

We don't want to ruin anyone's show, but Purple AF is one of our favorites. This deep, true purple is a versatile color that works well on a variety of base colors from platinum to light brown, brings deep tones to dark hair and looks vibrant on lightened hair. It even works well to cover other faded colors!

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Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Imagine this: you are lying on the beach with flowers in your hair. Ready to take those tropical vibes with you wherever you go with Virgin Pink? This vibrant hot pink gives a deep magenta hue to light brown hair and looks more vibrant on pre-lightened hair; With this shade, you don't have to be afraid of brassy tones.

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Arctic Fox Wrath Farbe semipermanente Cabello

Red lips, red nails, red hair, you can have it all with Wrath. This bold classic never goes out of style! Wrath is a deep red with berry undertones that can turn pink as it fades. It looks great on copper tones and adds dark, dimensional hues to darker hair. This shade works best on hair that has been lightened to level 7.

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Polarfuchs Poseidon Semi-permanent hair color

Make waves with this iconic shade. Poseidon is a vibrant medium true blue. For the most vibrant results, this ocean color should be applied to hair that has been pre-lightened to a cool shade of level 8 or lighter.

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Semi-permanent polar fox aquamarine tint

Mermaid vibes for days! Aqua is one of our most pigmented blues with aqua/teal undertones. It will be most vibrant on previously lightened hair, but will still work to add a deep blue-green tint to darker shades of unbleached hair.

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Semipermanente Tönung Arctic Fox Sunset Orange

Is it hot in here or is it just you? Sunset Orange is a fiery, deep orange-red that goes well with medium blonde hair! Copper tones do not cause any problems with this color. Because it's primarily red-based, Sunset Orange's red undertones can appear stronger on light blonde hair, around level 9 or lighter.

(Video) ARCTIC FOX VIRGIN PINK REVIEW | how long does it last?

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Arctic Fox Frose Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Baby pink on tap? we got that. This pastel pink shade appears lightest on platinum hair, but looks more like a dusty pink/rose gold on a blonde with yellow undertones. The way Frosé appears at different levels of blonde depends on whether your hair is naturally blonde, or if it's dyed that way, etc. Use straight from the bottle and enjoy Frosé responsibly.

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Arctic fox Transylvania color de cabello semipermanente

Raven wings, stormy night skies and hair as black as your heart: Transylvania is the perfect choice to make your darkest dreams come true. This primarily blue-based jet black pairs well with a variety of base hair colors, but shows up as the darkest, purest black on hair lightened to around level 7 or lighter.

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Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine Haarfarbe semipermanent

You are a ray of sunshine, now your hair can be too! Cosmic Sunshine is a bright sunny shade of yellow! Like a lighter color, it works best on hair that has been lightened to level 8 or lighter; Copper tones can give it a more golden glow.

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Arctic fox hair color review? ›

In terms of overall quality and longevity, Arctic Fox is the clear winner. Their hair dyes look bolder and more vibrant, last longer, and stain less. The downside is that Arctic Fox can be difficult to apply due to their thick consistency.

Is Arctic Fox a good hair dye? ›

In terms of overall quality and longevity, Arctic Fox is the clear winner. Their hair dyes look bolder and more vibrant, last longer, and stain less. The downside is that Arctic Fox can be difficult to apply due to their thick consistency.

How long does arctic fox hair color last? ›

It can depend on a few factors such as the color you are using, the level of your hair, and your personal hair care regimen, but on average the color typically lasts between 4-8 weeks on bleached hair and about 2-6 weeks on unbleached hair.

Should I dye my hair wet or dry Arctic Fox? ›

Before you apply Arctic Fox you'll need clean and dry hair so make sure you rinse with shampoo only (no conditioner) and fully dry the hair before application. Afterward, you'll want to make sure you know how to care for your color! Rinse with cold water, use sulfate-free and silicon-free products and more.

Does arctic fox hair dye leak? ›

Great, I love the color but it does bleed when it's wet. But as long as your hair is dry you don't have any trouble with it bleeding or shedding of any kind.


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