8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (2023)

If you're constantly having problems and frustration with Rainbow Six Siege crashing on PC, both at launch and during gameplay, here are all the answers. Rainbow Six Siege has emerged as one of the best first-person shooter titles in recent years. Its high-stakes competitive gameplay, which includes close-ranged combat, dynamic environments and immeasurable potential for strategic execution, has led to some truly exciting gameplay moments for many. The fact that the game surpassed 200,000 concurrent players on Steam in March 2021 is a testament that the game is still going strong with a huge player base.

However, if there's one thing Siege players would likely associate with the game, it would be its constant challenges of groundbreaking bugs, crashes, glitches, and glitches. After all, who could forget recurring issues like invisible player models, distracting bystanders or death cameras, and even the infamous Raptor Legs bug. The problem became so common that the developers started the R6Fix program, where players were invited to share and discuss technical issues with the game. Because of these efforts, the game is arguably in better shape today than it has ever been. However, new bugs and glitches still appear regularly in Rainbow Six Siege updates.

How to fix Rainbow Six Siege crashing on PC

The Rainbow Six Siege error getting stuck even on launch on PC is also among the game's longstanding problems. For many players, the crash can also occur while searching for a game or even during the game itself. Your problems end here because we have scoured the internet to find the best solutions to this game crashing problem. So if you're experiencing Rainbow Six Siege PC crashes on startup or during gameplay, this guide will walk you through some verified fixes that are sure to get you back in the game!

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Check the integrity of the game files

Corrupted game files could be the most likely causes of regular crashes in Rainbow Six Siege on PC. Fortunately, these files can be edited using built-in tools for Steam andUbisoftConnect game versions.

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  1. open yoursteamcustomer and go tolibrary
  2. Once here, findRainbow Six Siege von Tom Clancyin your playlist.
  3. right clickin the game and chooseCharacteristics.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (1)
  1. Then selectlocal filesfrom the left list.
  2. Here you will see an option calledCheck the integrity of the game files🇧🇷 Click it.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (2)

Ubisoft Connect

  1. open yourUbisoft Connectcustomer and click the buttongamesTab near the top left corner of the window.
  2. BetweenFurnishedsection, searchRainbow Six Siege von Tom Clancy.
  3. Click on the game icon, which will open another page.
  4. Select hereCharacteristicsfrom the left list.
  5. nolocal filessection, select thecheck files.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (3)

Now the Steam/Ubisoft Connect client will perform a file check on your game and any corrupted or missing files will be downloaded again. The verification may take a while due to Rainbow Six Siege's large file size, but once completed you should no longer experience game crashes on your PC.

Update device driver

Another reason for frequent crashes of your copy of Rainbow Six Siege on PC could be outdated or incorrect device drivers, especially for your graphics card. So you need to update your drivers by following the steps below.

  1. open the windowsHome menuand typedevice manager.
  2. Open the first option that appears. This should open a window showing the different devices your PC is using.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (4)
  1. Click on the small arrow next toVideo adapter.
  2. You should now see some more options listed under Graphics Cards. These correspond to your graphics card.
  3. right clickon behalf of your primary graphics card (typically NVIDIA/AMD/Radeon).
  4. click inupdate drivers.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (5)
  1. A driver update window will then open. Select the first option here, which isFind drivers automatically.

Now let the wizard run while it searches the web for available driver updates.

In addition, you can also perform this driver update through programs likeNVIDIA GeForce ExperienceeSoftware AMD Radeon, depending on which graphics card you have. In addition, you can use third-party software such asFree Easy Driverto easily check and update all drivers of your PC.

Once the device drivers are up to date and ready to use, restart your PC. This should fix any crashing issues you were having with Rainbow Six Siege on PC, either at launch or in-game.

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Add exception in Windows Firewall

Network issues that Rainbow Six Siege is facing can also be a likely cause of your game crashing frequently. This could be caused by Windows Firewall accidentally blocking your game's internet traffic, preventing it from communicating with Ubisoft's servers. However, this issue can be fixed by adding the game to firewall exceptions.

  1. open the windowsHome menu, and searchFirewall makes Windows Defender.
  2. Click on the first option.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (6)
  1. In the window that opens, look at the options on the left and clickAllow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (7)
  1. After that, you should see a list of programs that are allowed to bypass firewall restrictions. If this list appears grayed out, click the buttonChange settingsin the upper right corner.
  2. Then click the buttonAllow other app...
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (8)
  1. Choose hereSearch.
  2. Now you need to find and select your game's .exe file. To do this, you need to navigate to the game's files folder.

Throughsteam, open the folder where your Steam games are installed and follow the path:

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steamapps > general > Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

You can also find the files forUbisoft ConnectDepending on where you installed your game.

  1. Select the called file hereRainbowSix.exe(orRainbowSix_Vulkan.exeif you are using the Vulkan version of the game).
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (9)
  1. Finally click onAdd toOnce you return to the previous window.

This should fix any network issues with the game on your PC that could be causing Rainbow Six Siege to crash.

Restrict startup and background apps

This worked for my Rainbow Six Siege crashing – It's also possible that some apps running in the background on your PC are preventing Rainbow Six Siege from working and even causing it to crash on startup. Some of these applications start every time you start Windows. Follow the steps below to disable them.

  1. open the windowsHome menu, and searchsystem configuration.
  2. Click on the first option.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (10)
  1. In the window that opens, in theGeneraltab, activate theselective launchoption, if not already done, and uncheck the sub-optionLoad startup items🇧🇷 This will prevent unnecessary third-party programs from starting every time Windows starts.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (11)
  1. Then goServicesrun and check theHide all Microsoft servicesThis leaves only third-party services.
  2. click noDisable all.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (12)
  1. click inApplyand thenOK.
  2. Go to lastbeginningTab and clickOpen Task Manager.
  3. Here you can see a list of applications that start when your PC loads. For every applicationright clickon it and selectdeactivate.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (13)

You have now successfully disabled all third-party startup programs and services. Reboot your PC and launch Rainbow Six Siege again to see if the crashing issue is resolved.

In addition, you can also open theTaskmanagerto see if there are any third party background processes that are consuming lots of resources like CPU, GPU and RAM. In this case, try to end the process (right clickthere and selectend task) or uninstall the program completely. Once completed, run the game and see if the problem persists.

Run in compatibility mode

Another verified fix is ​​running the game in compatibility mode. This fix is ​​only applicable if you are running the game on Windows 10.

  1. Locate the Game Launcher .exe file or shortcut file.
  2. right clickin the file and selectCharacteristics.
  3. Once you are here, go tocompatibilitytab and enable the optionRun this program in compatibility mode.
  4. Make your selection from the drop down menu belowWindows 7.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (14)
  1. click inApply, and thenOK.

Try launching the game again and see if the problem persists.

(Video) How to FIX Rainbow Six Siege Crashing / Not Launching!

Disable full screen optimizations

This is another fix that can resolve occasional crashes during launch and in-game for Rainbow Six Siege on PC.

  1. Locate the Game Launcher .exe file or shortcut file.
  2. right clickin the file and selectCharacteristics.
  3. Once you are here, go tocompatibilityguide and review the optionsDisable full screen optimizationseRun this program as an administrator.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (15)
  1. click inApply, and thenOK.

Give the game another chance and check if the error is resolved.

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Disable overlay in game

Players have also reported issues with the game's Ubisoft overlay as the cause of Rainbow Six Siege frequently crashing on launch. To fix this, you can try disabling the overlay along with other supporting features like cloud storage.

  1. open yourUbisoft Connect
  2. click noThree Line Iconin the upper left corner and go toThe definition.
  3. noGeneralsection,deactivateboth options justifiedEnable cloud save syncing for supported gameseEnable in-game overlay for supported games.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (16)

Finally, exit the Ubisoft Connect client, reopen it and try restarting Rainbow Six Siege to see if the issue is resolved.

Limited frame rate

If all else fails to solve the Rainbow Six Siege crashing issue on your PC, you can try limiting the game framerate. Unlocked frame rates can lead to excessive CPU and GPU utilization. While this isn't generally an issue for most games, some people may experience crashing issues with Rainbow Six Siege. As such, we recommend capping your framerate to a level slightly below the maximum FPS you can achieve in-game. For example, if your system can max out at 160 frames per second in-game, we recommend capping your frame rate at 140. You can do this by following these steps.

  1. open the windowsfile manager, and go todocuments
  2. From here navigate toMy games, and then toRainbow Six – Cerco.
  3. Open the folder located here with thelong alphanumeric name.
  4. open the filegame settings.Dieswith a text editor such asNotepad.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (17)
  1. noEXHIBITIONSettings, find theLimited FPSSetting and set it to your set frame rate. For example, if you decided that the max FPS is 140, make sure the line of text is thatFPS limit = 140.
8 Ways To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing [2022] (18)

This may result in a slight drop in performance, but should result in a much smoother experience. Additionally, if you choose a reasonable framerate cap, the performance drop is negligible and shouldn't be noticed by most gamers.

Want better frame rates in Rainbow Six? look at oursGuide to Rainbow Six Siege settings!

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That concludes our list of fixes for the infamous Rainbow Six Siege crash on startup for PC issues. Did the guide help you solve the problem and get back into the game? Give us your feedback in the comments below. If you like Rainbow Six Siege, be sure to check out our list10 Best FPS Games You Must Play!

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How can I stop Rainbow Six Siege from crashing on PC?

This is a common problem among gamers. Some verified fixes include checking game file integrity, updating drivers, adding an exception to Windows Firewall, limiting background tasks, running in compatibility mode, disabling in-game overlays, and fullscreen and lockscreen framerate optimizations.

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Why does my R6 keep crashing 2022? ›

The issue can be caused by the interference from some programs running in the background, wrong or outdated device drivers, and SMT. Then, let's see how to fix the “Rainbow Six Siege keeps crashing” error.

How do I fix my R6 siege from crashing? ›

Exit the game, and re-enable the cloud save and overlay options. Launch Rainbow Six: Siege again. You should receive a prompt asking you which save you would like to use. Select the local save option - this will also update the cloud save.

What is Rainbow 6 Vulkan? ›

Vulkan is a Graphics Application Programming Interface (API) available for Rainbow Six Siege. Vulkan enables Rainbow Six Siege players with lower end systems to experience significantly better gameplay. The option to choose the Vulkan launcher allows players to make an informed choice based on their PC specifications.

How do I bypass R6 ban? ›

Rainbow Six Siege Ban Appeal on Ubisoft
  1. Go to their Support Center page here; ...
  2. Select the platform you play on; ...
  3. Choose “Rainbow Six Siege” from the game list; ...
  4. Pick “Player reports, Bans and Sanctions”; ...
  5. Select “My account was banned or sanctioned” for the issue type; ...
  6. Choose “Appeal a ban” for your issue;
Jan 1, 2023

How long is a r6 ban? ›

The suspension period cooldown is a full 7 days until all sanctions wear off. Players that are kicked from two consecutive matches as a result of Reverse Friendly Fire from Team Killing are also subject to the same suspension penalty as an abandon penalty.

Is r6 a toxic game? ›

Unlike more casual shooters, Rainbow Six Siege has a heavy focus on ranked gameplay and serious matches. This focus on competitiveness can make Rainbow Six Siege a more stressful and tense environment for some. Losing a match can feel devastating, leaving players angry at teammates and annoyed at opponents.

Why is my R6 constantly crashing? ›

Causes of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Crashing Problem

Developers themselves have confirmed that R6 sound data is responsible for these crash issues. Furthermore, the outdated graphics driver is also a possible cause. Some users have confirmed that the issue occurs if the cloud saves are turned on.

Is R6 losing popularity? ›

Since March 2021, the game has sadly seen a steady decline in players, currently showing a peak of 60,000 players, which is a massive 70% drop in player activity.

Should I use Vulkan or dx12? ›

Vulkan handles multi-core CPU workloads much better than older versions of DirectX — DirectX 12 is better on this front — and that can make a world of difference when running at lower resolutions.

Should I use Vulkan or DX11? ›

Vulkan presents a potential performance increase over DX11 in most cases, though may be slightly less stable for now. We generally recommend you use Vulkan, the default Graphics API.

Is Vulkan GPU or CPU? ›

OpenGL and Vulkan are both rendering APIs. In both cases, the GPU executes shaders, while the CPU executes everything else.

How long is the first r6 ban? ›

Banning. At the beginning of a ranked game, you and your team will have 30 seconds to choose an operator to ban. This means that a single operator won't be playable the whole game.

What's the longest ban in Rainbow Six Siege? ›

First offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 30 minutes. Second offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 1 hour. Third offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 2 hours. Fourth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 24 hours.

What words are banned on Siege? ›

We do not ban for swear words. We do however ban racial and homophobic slurs because they have no place in our game. Hey! I've been experiencing a problem on Siege, i play on ps4 and sometimes when you start a New game and pick a operator you can't move when the round begins.

Will the r6 ever be free? ›

Free to play games are becoming more and more common to come by, with even the most popular games embracing this model in recent years. But is Rainbow Six Siege free to play? Unfortunately, no.

What is botting in r6? ›

Botting is being AFK with a program on that makes inputs to the game to prevent an idle kick.

How long is r6 free? ›

It's 2022 and FPS fans are awaiting the next Free Weekend in Rainbow Six Siege. It's usually during big events and updates. The next one is March 17 to March 24! This Free Weekend will allow players to invite their friends for a free long weekend on Playstation, PC, or Stadia.

Is mute from R6 a girl? ›

Mute is one of the SAS Operators. His real name is Mark R. Chandar, and records show that he is a veteran of the British GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) unit. Born October 11th 1991 in the British city of York, he weighs 80kg and is 1.70m in stature.

Why is R6 a 18? ›

Gun fights, bloody deaths, explosions, and jump-scares (caused by players trying to sneak up on one another) are featured in every round. The game also features characters in rather scary-looking masks and clothes, hostage situations where players must save (or kill) an NPC hostage, and lots of yelling and swearing.

Does the r6 overheat? ›

The biggest heat producer is 4k/60 which is unfortunately where the camera absolutely shines (way less rolling shutter than in 4k/24). Generally speaking recording longer parts of 4k/60 will make it overheat really quickly. If you turn your camera off a lot and record short clips, than it won't be a problem.

Is a 1.0 KD good in r6? ›

It's difficult to pinpoint what a good K/D is in Rainbow Six Siege because each rank has a different average K/D. The general average is about 1.0 to 1.2, but K/D is often lower when you're in a higher rank since the players are more skilled and tougher to kill. A K/D lower than 0.8 is often seen as too low.

Is r6 pay to win? ›

So is Rainbow Six Siege pay to win? Despite some frustrations with unlocking the ever-growing operator roster, Rainbow Six Siege isn't pay to win. You can easily be competitive and without a disadvantage without unlocking operators with Renown.

Who is the best r6 player? ›

Who is the best Rainbow Six Siege player?
  • Luccas “Paluh” Molina.
  • Loïc “BriD” Chongthep.
  • Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen.
  • Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu.
  • Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski.
  • Final verdict — Pengu is the best Rainbow Six Siege player.
Jan 26, 2022

What is the average IQ of a r6 player? ›

IQ scores by choice of game: Rainbow Six Siege takes first place. The survey also ranked 15 popular games by their users' IQ scores. The winning game was Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege — its players had an average IQ score of 120.3.

Does DirectX 12 improve FPS? ›

Some of the performance improvements are double-digit percentage increases in frame rates, across 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. Cyberpunk 2077 will see up to 20 percent improvements at 1080p, with Assassin's Creed Valhalla jumping by up to 25 percent at the same resolution.

Should I run DirectX 11 or 12? ›

Whether you can choose between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 will also depend on your hardware. Just about any modern GPU will support DirectX 12, but the same can't be said for older GPUs like the Radeon HD 4870. Released in 2008, this GPU only supports up to DirectX 10.

Is it better to run DirectX 11 or 12? ›

More Cores = More Better With DirectX 12

DirectX 12 moves a lot of the work to get games working over multiple CPUs away from developers and builds it into the API itself. This is part of the drive with DirectX 12 to get the most out of your PC hardware, rather than only using a portion of its potential.

Is Vulkan more FPS? ›

Some folks on Reddit are seeing a staggering jump in performance, with Vulkan achieving over 30fps more than DirectX 12.

Should I delete Vulkan? ›

Q #2) Can I delete VulkanRT? Answer: The answer to this is yes. If a user wishes then he can delete Vulkan Run Time, but there is no need of deleting it as it is not an infected file or malware, so it won't harm your system.

Is NVIDIA good with Vulkan? ›

NVIDIA designs hardware to provide the fastest Vulkan performance for your games and applications. For example, NVIDIA GPUs perform up over 30 percent faster than the nearest competition on games such as Doom Eternal with advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing.

Can RTX run Vulkan? ›

Vulkan provides cross-platform access to RTX ray tracing acceleration. NVIDIA's Vulkan drivers support the Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions on all RTX GPUs, and GeForce GTX 1660 with 6GB+ of memory and GeForce GTX 1060+ with 6GB+ of memory.

What does DX12 mean? ›

DirectX 12 (DX12) enables developers to add amazing graphics effects to Microsoft Windows-based PC games. GeForce graphics cards deliver advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading, bringing games to life with ultra-realistic visual effects and faster frame rates.

Is Vulkan better for gaming? ›

Vulkan offers the ability for game developers to have more granular control over components, which in theory can allow for a boosted gaming performance. So, developers can manage certain things like memory allocation and the generation of GPU workloads, which lets them gain more power out of multithreaded systems.

Who is the oldest op R6? ›

Zero is the oldest operator in R6. He is 63 years old.

Can you appeal a R6 ban? ›

You can request an appeal by contacting our Customer Support. Our agents will carefully review your case and notify you of their decision. Depending on the result of this analysis, the sanction will be either lifted or maintained.

Is riot ban permanent? ›

Excessive negative behavior can result in a permanent ban at any time without any prior warning or restriction.

Is perma ban forever? ›

(Internet slang, transitive) To ban (a user) permanently.

Who is the least picked operator in r6? ›

Who are the least picked operators in Rainbow Six Siege?
  • Buck.
  • IQ.
  • Osa.
  • Thermite.
  • Flores.
  • Amaru.
  • Zero.
  • Montagne.
Feb 10, 2022

How long can a r6 game last? ›

While Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive game, it's surprisingly not that time-consuming. If you're looking to play a casual or quick play match, expect the match to last about 20 minutes max. Meanwhile, a ranked match is probably 15 to 30 minutes.

Is NOKK still silent? ›

While HEL is active, the Nokk R6 operator is significantly more silent while moving. This is especially apparent when moving on carpets or wooden floors.

Who is the most banned ops in siege? ›

Mira. Mira is the most banned defence operator in Rainbow Six Siege because of the vision and position advantage she grants to the team with her gadget Black Mirror.

What is the most banned map in siege? ›

Samtale. Outback is the most banned map, with a 97% ban-rate (1.6% matches played on Outback).


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